View Full Version : MS Scare

02-04-15, 16:52
Hi thereor
I am a 25 year old female. I suffer from psoriatic arthritis .
Now I am experiencing some neurological symptoms which I am convinced are ms my symptoms are:

-pins and needles for 4 weeks in my arm
-pins and needles all over
-vertigo on and off
-bladder urgency

I have been referred to a neurologist(tests for b12/thyroid etc were normal)I am terrified has anyone gone through this before?

17-08-15, 16:00
Hey there,

I'm sorry i am not going to be a lot of help really except to say I am worried about MS too. I feel all tingly / trembling and some dizziness, pains in arms and legs. I've been to GP once who has told me it is my anxiety. All bloods are fine but i have had low B12 in the past. I have two relatives with MS and I just cant stop worrying it's that. How long is it till your appointment? Have they recommended anything to do to relieve symptoms in the meantime? Meds?