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worrier 82
11-04-15, 22:50
Hello i had a endoscope on tuesday and 2 biopsies were taken and gastritis found my question is since the scope i keep burping alot stomach crampy general tummy ache and feel really sick like being sick is iminent comes and goes the sickness I'm freaking out big time please spmeone help thankyou

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No sedation was used

11-04-15, 23:10
Gastritis is an extremely common finding after scopes; it seems many people have it and never really notice it.

Are you very stressed/anxious at the moment for whatever reason? if so, there are good chances that your physical symptoms are being brought on your mental situation. In which case, it might be worth considering that angle as the thing to tackle... Felling sick and having general stomach problems is a very common affect of stress and anxiety.

The biopsies may reveal H Pylori, a relatively harmless thing (20-30% of people have it), which nonetheless you should get rid of via antibiotics they will give you.

Good luck, and pls feel free to dm me if you want more info


worrier 82
12-04-15, 09:28
Hello albert thankyou for the reply yes i am anxious at the moment whilst waiting for the results after i posted this last night i spent about an hour wretching feeling very sick hardly slept i was so worried still am that the endoscope has done something bad inside and that's why i in pain since.

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Has anyone expierenced this or similar after an endoscope at all would i be getting this if they had damaged something maybe whilst taking biopsies would it be worse

12-04-15, 10:52
I have had 2 endos and they are very benign and I've never heard of anyone having any ill physical impact of them.

I'm afraid that you are almost certainly anxious about the biopsies etc. I assume the doctor didn't tell you there was anything untoward from what he/she saw?

Assuming that is the case, you are almost certainly anxious about the biopsy etc. results as much as anything. I suggest you see your GP and discuss your anxiety with him/her, and see what they might suggest to help: there are both therapies and medicines that can help a lot with this.

Good luck!