View Full Version : Upping dosage(How long does it take to work?) advice please

13-04-15, 11:51
I've been on 75mg clomipramine slow release tablets for over a year and have recently started a new job around 2 months ago. Starting a new job has always been a problem for me and as expected I started suffering from really bad anxiety. About 6 weeks into starting my new job I decided to up the dosage of my clomipramine by 25mg because the anxiety wasn't going away( I am now on 100mg). My question is how long will it take before I feel the benefits of upping the dosage? And is it expected to feel a little anxiety before they work?. I've currently took the extra 25mg for 18 days. Any advice would be great as I am starting to get very fed up as the new job I got is a positive step for me but the anxiety is making things very difficult for me. Thanks

14-04-15, 11:15
Anybody got any advice? Please help

24-05-15, 22:42
Hi Scott1UK
I am in the same position as you, I have just started a new job and it is a good career step, although still only part time ( I couldn't do full time, the pressure would be too much). I have replied to your other post, I am on 10 mg of clom but think I may go up but I am frightened of the side effects. New jobs are always anxious times, but for me I seem to get more anxious the longer I am there and the more about the job I know, I don't get more relaxed because I know my job...seems ridiculous but that's just me. Keep in touch and keep posting. x