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14-04-15, 16:07
I just wanted to post my experience today as I looked a lot at this site beforehand for reassurance.

I've been suffering with sore throats/acid etc for over a year now.
I decided to opt for sedation as I really didn't want to know what was happening. The consultant told me that I would still feel everything but feel more relaxed.

I walked into the theater and was greeted by 3 nurses who were just lovely. They gave me the sedative and I was out again in 5 minutes.

It was easy, yes I did feel some pressure (no pain at all though) and I did gag a few times but I really didn't seem to care about it. I didn't even remember the tube going in. Dr told me that my stomach was inflamed because of the acid and they took some biopsies to test for any bugs that may be causing it. He also increased my meds to 40mg omeprazole for 2/3 months.

Please don't worry about this procedure it really is nothing to stress about. I would have it again if needed and wouldn't be concerned in the slightest.

Good luck to anyone off for one soon.

13-05-15, 18:39
Just wanted to say thank you for your post as my daughter is having this procedure next week and I know this will put her mind at rest.

little scientist
13-05-15, 19:03
I too am having this procedure next week for a small intestine biopsy so it's nice to see a positive experience. I've had a bronchoscopy before so have a bit of an idea what it's like :)