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05-09-04, 21:22
Hi I've been on Cipramil for the last 3 and a half weeks and have yet to feel anything different.
Why cant it work faster lol it takes so long my body would have adjusted to it now surely, its so difficult maybe they wont work on me or something.

Dan :(

05-09-04, 21:35
Hi Danny

I was at first on Dothiepin for about 3 months and nothing changed atall - no less panic just put on 2 stone in weight!!

Then I was on Prozac for 9 months and although it cured the depression it didn't touch the anxiety or panic attacks.

I just don't think I was suited to medication so gave it all up 6 years ago and only tried Citalopram for 3 weeks (for sleep problems) about 3 years ago but gave it up cos the side-effects were too much for me.

I would give it another 2 weeks then see the doc to see what he thinks about changing.

Not all meds suit all people or they would be just ONE drug that we all took.

Perhaps you are like me and this drug isn't touching the panic.

Can I ask what else you are doing to try and overcome the anxiety and depression cos I am sure you are aware that the meds just mask the symptoms and do NOT cure them. They give relief whilst you fix the underlying problems so are you tackling those issues too?


06-09-04, 05:16

Go back to your doctors and tell him how you feel.

Different drugs suit diffrent people.

Trial and error goes along way with how we feel.

Love Sal xxxxx