View Full Version : Anyone here had a CT Colonoscopy, what was it like?

20-04-15, 00:16
Hi there,
I'm scheduled (well not yet) for one next week - I need to confirm.

I'm totally making myself freak out.

Reading about things that can go wrong, as you do.
Mainly perforation.
I'm not worried about the exposure to radiation as I"ve never had an X-Ray before and apparently it's the same as L.A to Sydney?

Anyway.... I'm scared of something bad happening, or having a heart attack whilst taking the prep 2 days before.

CAn you please tell me your stories and be honest!
I'm not sure i need to get one done but my bowels have been all over the place for 6 months now and the Dr said it would be good for my peace of mind to realise that it's just IBS>

Love your thoughts- help! please!

21-04-15, 08:37
No one here's had a cat Colonography??

21-04-15, 09:04
I have UC and had one in Feb, its non invasive so it cannot perforate the lining, and if you have to have a colonoscopy they are so advanced that there is minimum danger there as well.