View Full Version : Is it multiple sclerosis, or is it in my mind?

02-05-15, 22:40
About a year and a half ago I developed Optic Neuritis (inflammation of my optic nerve). While this can often be a sign of MS, it can also occur in isolation. I have now developed more suspicious MS-like symptoms:

(1) Half of my face has been numb for 3 weeks now. This has been slightly tingly in areas.

(2) Fatigue (vague, I know, but to an alarming extent)

(3) My vision occasionally flickers, like there is a heat haze in front of me.

The thing is, I am generally quite an anxious person and I know that I suffer from health anxiety. My doctors are currently checking for MS but it will take months to get the tests I need.

I know that the optic neuritis was real but, what I'm really wondering is, could all my recent symptoms be anxiety related rather than MS related? :shrug: Has anyone ever experienced anything similar?

04-05-15, 10:31
Hi there
There is a possibility of Ms , but also anxiety can cause symptoms . I'd your face truly numb ? Also does the doctor strongly suspect Ms ? Other things can cause numbness etc.Try not to worry .

05-05-15, 16:35
I am going through something similar, I have a diagnosis of fibromyalgia but the neurological symptoms are getting worse so now I am waiting for a brain and spine MRI. I am freaking out slightly about it but am trying to put it out of my mind for now:ohmy: Easier said than done I know:weep:

06-05-15, 19:42
Thanks guys! I'm currently alternating between fearing the worst and trying to stay positive. The doctors suspect MS, as do I, but I can also imagine myself as the kind of person who worries herself into having strange symptoms, so that's the hope I'm clinging to.

Biscuitmuncher, I really hope everything works out okay for you. I know how it feels to be in limbo while waiting for scans. Let's both try our best not to worry :) and let me know how you get on...

07-05-15, 14:39
I'm going through this too . Hope we all don't have it , but remember it doesn't always have to be bad . I know 4 people with it & they are highly active.

07-05-15, 15:41
Hi there,

Anxiety can definitely cause those symptoms. While I'm not sure about numbness, it can definitely cause tingling as well as the others.

Also, as the others have said, if worse comes to worst, MS is usually really manageable. My aunt has it and you can't even tell from looking at her- she never seems to relapse or have it flare up, either.

All the best :)