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06-09-04, 19:55
Hi Everyone

Ive been on Cipralex for 13 days now and have yet to really feel anything i maybe feel like my energy has improved by about 5% but thats it.
And when i went to the doctors today i was told oh it takes 3 months to start working, i was told the first time it would take 6 weeks then was told it would take upto 3 weeks she changes her mind every time then she said if u feel any different after 4-5 weeks then its just a coincedence and it doesnt mean the pills are working.

I thought after 2-3 weeks you may feel slightly better im confused lol.

Karl. :(

06-09-04, 20:55

Depends on the person, sometimes its a few weeks, sometimes a few months, its not an exact science, just trial and error really.

love Sarah

06-09-04, 21:18
Thanks Sarah but obviously i felt the doctor was unhelpful and her atttitude was wrong she was all negative and that dest help.

I havent much confidence n the pills as it is and i was hoping within a month of taking them i may feel even slighlty better than to be told 3 months before they start to work which i dont think is true in all cases somehow.


06-09-04, 21:28

What else are you doing to get better apart from the medication. That will mask the symptoms but will not cure you.

Don't get too obsessed with the meds curing you will you?


06-09-04, 21:48

My tablets started working after a couple of weeks and it was definitely not coincidence or placebo as before that I was panicking all the time. Though some people do report a lightbulb situation the recovery is often gradual and one day you will just realise you feel a little better than the previous week.


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06-09-04, 21:50
Hi Nicola

No im aware he meds wont cure me, but if they can mask these symptoms it will help me to sort things out but i am eating agood diet, ad excercising and doing relaxation and im now part of support group so im doing alot but i could do without these symptoms and am hoping the medication will help me as well.

Thanks :D

06-09-04, 22:43
HIya Karl

Give it a few more weeks and see how it goes, you never know, your lightbulb moment may come soon enough,

Do you use rescue remedy at all?
I use it for an instant anxiety relief?

love Sarah

06-09-04, 23:02
The trouble with these drugs is that they're all so individual. I mean, I've come off cipralex and feel better without them. But when I used amitryptiline I felt the effect within a couple of weeks. Trial and error sadly. Can you change doctors though? You need to have someone you feel comfortable with.