View Full Version : Am terrified of taking these

13-05-15, 21:49
I've just been prescribed these to help with pain.
A very low dose to start with 10mg then up it after 2 weeks.
I'm so worried they will make me feel tough the next morn as I have to get up most days at 6-630 for work.
Is anyone taking these at the moment.


14-05-15, 11:08
I took them for shoulder pain and it helped. As i was told 10mg is a VERY low dose. Some people actually take over 100mg :ohmy:

The only symptom i had with them was a slight dry mouth for the first week or so and a tingly sensation in my cheek. Give it a try. Take them around 10pm at night before bed and by the time you wake for work it shouldn't effect you.