View Full Version : Had upper endoscopy today...when can I start taking my meds again?

15-05-15, 18:46
Hi everyone I just had my gastroscopy this morning. I was very nervous about it but managed to get through it...wasn't as bad as I thought and it honestly felt like it only lasted about a minute or two max! I gagged only 3 or 4 times which is good considering the throat spray did almost nothing for me! I don't think I swallowed it correctly or fast enough. I have a pretty sore throat now because I did struggle a bit initially.

Something I was a bit taken aback by was the fact that you were given the option of EITHER sedation or throat spray. I thought it was standard procedure to be given both? But the technician said she didn't like doing that? I managed to persuade her to give me both though knowing it would make things easier for everyone!

I was wondering when it would be okay to start taking my lansoprazole and propanolol beta blocker? The nurse said to wait until tomorrow when the sedative has worn off. Honestly the amount they injected me with was tiny. I remember the whole procedure perfectly and never went 'out'. I just felt slightly drowsy and happier than usual and didn't sleep until I got home because I didn't want to hang around waiting in a hospital on a friday!

I'm a bit worried about my blood pressure because without propanolol it is quite high considering I'm only 22 years old: around 140/100. Funnily enough after they gave me the sedative it was back to my 'safe zone' of 100/60.. I'm just wondering if the sedative will keep my bp down until tomorrow? And when can I take lansoprazole again to protect any biopsy sites?