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17-05-15, 17:49
Hi. I'm a 20 year old female and since I was 3 I've passed out/had seizures. Examples of when I've passed out are: when being spun on a chair by siblings when younger, being scared, having cramp in my leg, having a fever with a cold, having a tattoo.

Usually the seizures occur randomly though. I've had numerous ECGs, a heart scan, a brain MRI and a tilt table test. The doctor has recently said he thinks they could be non epileptic attacks. However, a few days ago I read about long QT syndrome and I'm worried I could have it, I'm just looking for some advice. The only abnormalities that are picked up on ECG are second degree type 1 heart block and sinus tachycardia, this has only been found very recently after a 4 day ECG and a night in the hospital under observation on an ECG monitor. Does this sound like long QT syndrome? This condition has never been mentioned to me.

Can a basic ECG rule the condition out? I'm extremely worried. I've seen many cardiologists over the years and none have mentioned this to me. Nobody in my family randomly passes out apart from me. There's also been no sudden deaths.

07-07-15, 07:10
yes a basic ecg can rule out long qt syndrome.
if you had, it would had come up in the ecg and
the doctor would have informed you.

07-07-15, 09:48
Long QT is specifically diagnosed using an ECG. In fact an ECG is THE way to measure your heart beat's Q-T interval so if you have had an ECG and it has not shown up, then you are fine.

For added reassurance, when an ECG is taken, ECG machines themselves are programed to anylse key metrics such as QRS/QT intervals in the heart beats and they will flag those things up on the ECG print out. So this even rules out human error - because the ECG machine itself can spot them!

Now stop googling :)