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18-05-15, 16:53
Need help and support badly.........the withdrawal symptoms from Duloxetine are horrendous. Have been on it for 6 years. Any advice please before my head explodes from one massive zap!!!

19-05-15, 07:49
Hi and welcome to NMP :welcome:

How are you reducing this? GP's are often quite poor with their advice on this.

If you look at MIND's advice and that of the Royal Society of Psychiatrists they offer more comprehensive advice e.g. 10% reductions, longer periods inbetween reductions where a long term user, etc. Its worth reading their advice.

Its harder with Duloxetine as the manufacters, Eli Lilly, have not created enough measurements to allow a 10% reduction. There is a generic as welll which does off a 20mg but its whether using 2 together can be an issue as some people find generics to cause them problems. So, some people advocate breaking capsules, counting beads and adding to new capsules but its very difficult as there are hundreds of them in each capsule. There are some articles about this on the net.

I would suggest posting a new thread on the Medications board as some people on here have come off it. I'm still on it so can't help other than give support really.

02-06-15, 23:05

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24-08-16, 20:06
I realize this is an older post but 'm hoping if I write this someone will see it that needs the reassurance now, I was only on it for 10 days (bad reaction) and had the worst time coming off it. I was nauseous for 2 weeks, it was ridiculous. However I did live through it!

19-11-19, 14:23
Just saw this thread after posting one of my own. I too was only on it about 10 days, but have lingering stomach aches. It's been about two weeks.