View Full Version : False Claims

19-05-15, 14:33
Hi everyone,
I know a few people who say they have have anxiety to claim
ESA and DLA,and they score the right amount of points,yet those who
really do suffer with it are told they are fit for work,it is so unfair.
A friend as just been told she has not scored enough points to claim pip
even though she has been unable to leave her house for 4 years.
No amount of money can ever take away the heartache anxiety causes,
i mean who really would not want to go to work and live a normal life.
Well all i can say is be careful what you wish for,you just might get it .
Sorry for the moan had to get that off my chest :mad:

19-05-15, 17:08
I know people who do the same...as they are lying they have no problem going here there and everywhere collecting ''evidence'' for their claim but those of us who really suffer find it so hard to do that...I call those people who lie ''professional poorlies'' as that is how the earn their living....sorry for the rant...