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20-05-15, 15:50
Hi all, havent posted in a while!

Long story short,
Ive suffered crippling anxiety and agorpahobia almost 10 years, i've tried mirtazapine, citalopram, fluoxetine, paroxetine, propranolol, hydroxyzine, venlafaxine, and, diazepam (bought online)
Diazepam is the only medication ive felt thats helped, i've explained this to them, though my gp or psych wont prescribe it, only on a reduction dose, they seem to just want to waste more time prescribing medications not licensed for specificly anxiety that i dont believe will help, today i was prescribed quetiapine 25mg twice a day,
Is it just me or does it make no sense that theyre just throwing meds at me that don't work when i already know that diazepam is very effective for me, it allows me to work, and feel normal again, it's a no brainer? Espicially in treatment resistant cases such as mine.
Has anybody been prescribed quetiapine for anxiety, how was it for you?

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Just to add that my psych suggested diazepam as a treatment for me at first, but after speaking to my gp, got talked out of it,
Yes i understand addiction is probable, but for me thats a very small price to pay for getting my life back,
Where as with quetiapine, i risk diabetes, tremor, weight gain, and tardive dyskinesia (which can be permanent).
Oh and ive also tried pregabalin!
Thanks for taking the time to read and would appreciate and feedback

20-05-15, 19:21
I'm not on quetiapine,but Olanzapine, which is similar in that it is also an anti psychotic.
Its been a life saver for me.I also take Venlafaxine, but this on its own wasn't cutting it for my anxiety.
Once the Olanzapine was added,I really turned a corner,and it continues to be effective a year on.

20-05-15, 19:53
I took Quetiapine for about 18 months for anxiety.

Have to say it worked well for me. I was taking Citalopram too for depression.

Started out on 25mg once a day and worked up to 100mg which worked for me. The main downside for me was the need for sleep, lots of sleep. It was worth it though. And easy to come off too.

21-05-15, 12:51
Thanks guys,
Any other side affects other than feeling tired all the time?
I've been reading horror stories about possible side effects such as Diabetes, Tardive Dyskinesia, Tremor, and weight gain
Tardive dyskinsea is the most worrying for me, although my Pdoc assured me it's very rare with the atypicals, even more so at low doses