View Full Version : Annoying stuff/symptoms/problems - ideas?

22-05-15, 21:04
Hi everyone.

Not checked in for ages. I'm about to commence my 24th week of pregnancy. I wondered if anyone had any tips for coping with the following:

1. Constipation. I've tried prune juice, to no avail. I have a high fibre diet and I'm drinking loads of water. Dr's just put me on lactulose, an icky syrupy concoction. Has this worked for anyone?

2. Headaches. I know paracetamol's ok, but I'm trying to limit my intake. Anything more natural I can try?

3. Nausea. Yup, still feel sick. I'm lucky really, because I'm not throwing up. But the nausea is CONSTANT, and worst at night.

I'd appreciate any thoughts on this stuff. None of these are horrendous on their own (well, the sickness maybe), but if I could just reduce them a bit I'd be SO much more comfortable.