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23-05-15, 18:08
I'm going to keep a log for now, so that I can check the progress. I don't think Cymbalta is going to work for me, but until I can see the psyches nurse on Tuesday this is all I have to help me.

I took Cymbalta 3 years ago, and did well on it for 2 solid years until last year it just stopped working. I started getting anxiety and depression again. I weaned myself off over 4-5 months. Since then I had lost a sister and another went through cancer; so I got into a psych and we started trying medication. I quit taking Prozac after 5 days because I hated the side effects. Same thing with Paxil. I have a hard time tolerating the start up effects. I have Xanax, but have been on it as needed for 5 years now, and since the death of my sister in January, I started taking them a few times a day and now I know my tolerance has built up so while trying to deal with a new start up of medication, I'm trying to be liberal with my Xanax as I don't want to go back to taking it all day.

Day 1-2 took 20mg. Was a nervous wreck, did not sleep well. Anxiety high.
Day 3 took 30mg. The next day I was hiding in my closet because my anxiety was so high. Had to take a Xanax to calm down
Day 4 took 20mg. Still not sleeping and waking up every 1-2 hours and up at 5, morning until noon is extremely weird. I stay in my bedroom reading online for positive affirmations. I'm out of it....tired, legs agitated probably due to anxiety. Afternoon was "decent"
Day 5 took 20mg. Exactly same as day 4. Call psych, get her nurse who does screening. She says to up it to 30mg because 20 isn't even a therapeutic dose. She doesn't "get" that I'm super sensitive to meds. Anyways.
Day 6 took 30mg. Exact same as day 4 & 5
Day 7 took 30mg. BAD anxiety yesterday morning. I had to take a little Xanax to calm down. It was so bad. I tried to call psyche nurse but they were gone all day. So I spent most of the day pacing, took a tiny bit of Xanax and worried all day whether this was the right drug. See, I cant get over that it stopped working last year, so WHY should it work again?
Day 8 took 30mg. Didn't sleep well, so at 5am I took a half a Xanax and slept for another hour and half. So here I am now at 11am, trying to get through the day and life. This is a struggle and very hard. My family is very worried about me, and frankly so am I

24-05-15, 08:42
Good luck with it!

There doesn't seem to be many people on it on NMP at the moment compared to the rest.

21-02-16, 10:16
Bless, SSRI's have the exact same effect on me.Hopefully you will settle down in a couple of more weeks though. xxxx