View Full Version : T wave abnormality consider inferior ischemia

30-05-15, 03:48
Went to the doctor and he did a ECG on me after heart rate went up during blood pressure test....

Just had followup today where I brought in an ekg from 2 years ago that showed a T wave abnormality consider inferior ischemia now he's sending me to cardiologist for Echo and stress test.

Anyone ever get this T wave abnormality consider inferior ischemia on their ECG?

01-06-15, 11:58
Hi, I have had trouble with my heart. I have T wave inversions on all my ECGs and chest pains. I was told the T waves look like ischaemia and had a coronary angiogram and stress test. The angiogram was clear so it has been put down to coronary artery spasm. I also have tachycardia as well so have been on a betablocker and a nitrate for the past couple of years and, touch wood, so far so good, I am still here:D

Oddly enough, once on the nitrate I had a 7 day Holter monitor and it did not show any T wave inversions, so I dont know if the drug had got rid of them or if they come and go:shrug:

I am still having lots of chest issues but think I might have reflux/GERD so am now waiting to see Gastro:huh:

I am sure Cardiology will get to the bottom of your troubles.

01-06-15, 21:22
So was it an actual heart problem or was it caused by panic???

Has anyone had anything like this and do you know if panic can cause your ekg results to go crazy - especially if your in the middle of a panic attack during the test.

02-06-15, 09:34
Hi, It was caused by the coronary arteries going into spasm. Not sure why it happens but from what I can gather, it is best to avoid stimulants, such as cocaine (which I have never used) caffeine, smoking, cold environments and stress!.

I am not sure if anxiety can cause T wave abnormalities, I did try to look on the internet but could not really find much about it. I spent a long time worrying and stressing over this but now, not so much, I tried to just put it to the back of my mind and get on with things. :)