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28-01-07, 04:08
I know I'm not allowed to post here, but..........

As Seroxat is the biggest Anti-Depressant going, I figured this required quite a dominant place on the forum.

Panorama has an epsiode devoted to Seroxat. Also known as Paroxetine amongst others.

I have heard this will be quite a hard hitting documentary, so please watch at your discression.

[b] Panorama: The Secrets of Seroxat will be shown on BBC One on Monday 29th January, 20:30 (8:30pm)

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28-01-07, 15:23
I approved your posting so it is ok now Ross.


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28-01-07, 15:35
I will be watching!!!!

As a past victim of this so called wonder drug it should be interesting!!!

Luv Kaz x


28-01-07, 16:04
Gracias Nic.

Kazzie, I too have been subject to the bad side-effects of this 'wonder drug'.

Being Panorama, hopefully it should be an unbiased report. I for one will be watching, and can only urge people who are already on the drug, or thinking about the possibility of utilising it in the future to watch it too.

Should make for interesting viewing.

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28-01-07, 18:59
I took this drug and very nearly topped myself!!!!!

29-01-07, 00:44
I was prescribed this drug by my then gp who said I would never get better without it! [}:)]. I was then and still am anti meds but eventually I plucked up the courage to try it, and even then cut the tablet in half! I only ever took that half a tablet and then threw them in the bin and have been med free ever since.
A day later the last panorama programme was on tv and after watching it I was so glad I didn't take any more of it.
I'm not saying meds don't help anyone, as they do and it's a personal decision, but there are many safer alternatives to this one in my view.
I will be watching the next programme with interest.


29-01-07, 05:27
Hi all,

After reading up about this med I quit on day 7. That was over two weeks ago and so far I haven't been back to the docs. I showed my other half the links I'd read and she refused point blank to let me take it anymore. I'm not sure whether I'll watch tomorrow or not (I think too much as it is), but I do know I've read enough already that even not watching tomorrows program I'm better off without it.

While I'm pretty sure that I still need meds to get me out of my current muddle, I definately don't need one that can antagonise my situation.


29-01-07, 19:01

Thanks Ross I will watch with interest too - must say though, i took this drug quite a few years ago now and had no probs with it whatsoever, no side effects and no probs coming off it.


29-01-07, 21:42
am watching avidly at the moment. please remember though guys that they are talking about children and teenagers. not adults and that all drugs work differently for different people.

although for the record i'm three months clear of cipralex and feel much better for it.


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29-01-07, 22:05
I am astonished by what I have just viewed.

How on Earth a huge pharmaceutical company like that can get away with hiding official statistics, reports and data, and then make up new information is unreal.

Why is this drug still being widely prescribed?

I agree with Koko, that the programme did focus on Children and Teenagers. Maybe I have the mind of a Teenager (I am 24) but I had exactly the effects that were portrayed in that Documentary, and are proven in the official reports.

My question is, what can be done to stop this type of thing from continuing?

Take a look at what the Public have said regarding this programme.

Click the 'Send Us Your Stories And Views' Link, half way down the page.

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29-01-07, 22:24

It seems to me that they can get away with anything......classic case of money talks!!!

Im not a teenager and have never been suicidal but when withdrawing from seroxat under medical supervision I attempted suicide many times!!!

This stuff is in my opinion pure poison and to be avoided at all costs

luv kaz x x x


29-01-07, 22:30
I adamantly agree Kazzie.

I was fortunate. I was only on it for 10weeks, and against the advice of my GP just stopped taking it due to my behaviour becoming very strange. (For my own safety, I was arrested twice in those 10weeks..... not easy for someone who doesnt leave the house).

I am not a Doctor, but I strongly recommend not using this drug.

Is There Really Gravity, Or Does Earth Just Suck?

30-01-07, 02:53
Hi all - interesting program.

While tonight did just focus on teanagers, it could well be because thats all the evidence the researchers had amassed so far. There are definately problems with adults too, hence me stopping this med. Here's but one link of many out there on the interent :



30-01-07, 11:47
Can we just say for both side here..Ive taken Seroxat for many years and is helped me greatly...
Programmes like this will only focus on the negatives..as did Panoramas last documentry on this Med...
Millions do take this drug successfully...and its helped many...People who have bad experiences are more likely to speak out.
Just wanted to say my bit as not to scare people too much xxxx

30-01-07, 20:36

maybe they only focussed on children and teenagers because thtas what they had the most evidence about and thats what would make the most impact. Has anyone read 'the natural way to beat depression' by professor puri? There is a lot about the power and might of pharmicutical companies in there.


my life is full of catastrophies, most of which never happened