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10-06-15, 18:08
Hi I have 2 older cats (both 9) and my mum recently got 2 kittens who have just turned 10 weeks. My mum and stepdad often go to England every couple of months to see my stepdad's family and I said I would look after her kittens for her. When they go, the kittens will be about 3/4 months old so I am wondering if it is best to take both of my cats over to my mum's and stay there with the four cats for the week or however long my is gone or bring the kittens up to my flat?

All four cats hate the car though my cats have had more experience with being in a car than the kittens have. Me and my mum don't like leaving our pets overnight so they'll definitely either have to come up to my flat or me and my cats go over to my mum's. I'm fine with either, just wondering what you think would be best for all the cats?

Another thing, my cats are brother and sister and they have only ever been with each other, no other pets have been around them. Would it be wise to have a sleepover at my mum's one night and take the cats over to meet the kittens before we watch them when they go on holiday? Probably reading too much into everything but just want to make sure I do best by all four cats.

10-06-15, 18:27
If I were to make an educated guess as a cat owner, taking your cats to your Mom's place would probably work out better. The kittens are still young so they're not going to be as staunchly imprinted and territorial. Your two may not take kindly to two new cats invading their territory. The sleepover sounds like a good idea to me.

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