View Full Version : Seroxat - 8.30 tonight BBC?

29-01-07, 08:50

I think I heard there is a documentary tonight on bbc or itv on Seroxat and whether it is a good drug to have or not for depression. Just thought Id let you know. Love wenjoy x

29-01-07, 09:14
Thanks for that Wenjoy. xxx

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29-01-07, 10:01
Thanks for that Wen, i heard it advertised but didnt know when it was on.

Love Sal xx

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29-01-07, 11:07
hi all there is a post about this in annoncements,channel and times on there.i will be watching too.take care tracy

29-01-07, 16:31
Yes, it's Panorama on BBC1 at 8.30 (I think) and it's about prescribing seroxat to under 18s, with all the bad press about it provoking suicide attempts in teenagers. I was on seroxat from age 14 for 7 years, and I'm so glad there wasn't a ban on it at the time-although I'm now on duloxetine, it was a great help to me for many years, and I feel sorry for teens now with anxiety/depression, as there are very few anti-depressant meds licensed for under 18s.