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Spiderpig 123
13-06-15, 17:51

I was awarded PIP in 2014 after (it took so long the CEO of The Citizens advice wrote to whoever in the council) 3 days later I was awarded it, I had a call from my case worker at the C. A. B when the PIP was taking so long to congratulate me, she said "Congratulations Rob you are now officially the longest waiting claimant in the Midlands, just shy of 11 months."

What has happened since, is I have filled a mandatory reconsideration, I have another charity helping me with my Appeal, I cant understand the decision NOW and my disability is worse I'm rejected. The assessor twisted my words, didn't award points that I was awarded last year, essentially she lied,

I have had another letter today (I suffer an anxiety disorder and I'm all het up) for, : Severe Disability Premium.

The benefits (after LOSING 411 a month straight away losing PIP on Saturday???? ) I receive are ESA and Carers Allowance, Council tax benefit my mum is virtually bed ridden with dementia and I can't put her in a home as I love her too much.

We have separate tenancies due to the fact my mum has gone through cancer 3 times, a stroke and she was at one point given 18months to live so we made sure we had separate tenancies as we were moving in, to try and make things less complicated if something happened to her. And now 3 years from normal to not knowing me is a horrible experience when your mum is your best friend.

So I'm confused with the letter all the time,

Could someone let me know what the Severe Premium Award benefit is, plus as I claim carers allowance can I claim, its not as though she can help to look after me. I dont have anyone.

I'm a recovering Alcoholic and hadn't drink since October 23rd 2012 and when I received the info on Saturday, the cravings just hit me like a train and I had a drink, I feel bad enough about falling of the wagon, it's horrible.

I look forward to receiving any answers and thanks in advance,

Thanks everyone,


13-06-15, 18:02
Hi Sp
I'm so sorry to hear all you are going through with your Mum, it must be so hard.
I also hope that you can get help in not drinking again because you know it will not help, only make things worse. Maybe you have AA support.
I"m sorry I can't help with the letter and all that because I haven't got a clue, I hope somebidy who knows about these things will read it.
Good luck x

Spiderpig 123
13-06-15, 20:39

Thanks for the kind email and taking the time to contact me,

I have already registered with a new out reach recovery service and had a key worker assess me over the phone, the don't normally home visit but with my anxiety I do anything I can to stay in without seeing anyone, So I'm trying to get back on track and stop drinking as it really did ruin my life.

Hope are well yourself and I look forward to speaking to you again.

Thanks again,


13-06-15, 21:38
Glad you are trying to get back on track. It is hard but sooooo worth it!
You take care of yourself