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14-06-15, 16:22
I have a pip assessment very soon what should I expect? And do they just contact my doctor? I gave them doctors details hopeing they will contact him as I find these things so stressful I have info on meds ive started and a couple of therepy appointments is that all I need to brimg?

14-06-15, 18:07
Hi fluff

Go to the Benefits and Work website which will help you plan for your assessment.

If you are seeing a therapist, get a letter from him/her to take with you.

The Assessor will ask you questions regarding the info that you filled in on a previous I think. I had a home visit, which went well, but I found it verbally draining.

14-06-15, 19:14
Thankyou, yes the whole thing im finding stressful, im seeing someone next month for therepy through the nhs, and I have to see doctor every 4 weeks trying to get the meds correct having a hard time of it with it all. I check it out

17-06-15, 10:56
hi fluff

I just had my PIP assessment this morning I was really anxious and I had someone take me and come in with me. there was just 1 other person in the room asking me questions and typing answers into a laptop. she asked me about my health conditons and because I have a really low mood and suicidal thoughts she asked about these and whether I self harmed at all. she also asked me the questions that were on the form like can u make food, can u washe and dress ect.

she asked whether she could put into the report behaviours and things that she had observed while talking to me.

I was extremely anxious and bout half way thru she took the clock off the wall and told me that I could focus on that and she would do her best to only take another 15 mins to finish. was in there for 50 mins in total.

if u have a copy of ur form then I would suggest reading thru it just to refresh urself so that u say similar stuff in ur assessment.

hope that this is of some help to u. I now have to wait 4-6 weeks for the decision to be made after the DWP have read her report.

24-06-15, 21:38
So sorry only just seen your reply mine is tomorow :-/ I have wrote a few things down im sure I be very anxious in the morning aswell, glad yours went ok. Let me know outcome and I do the same x

25-06-15, 12:10
Hope it has gone well for u fluff and that ur not feeling too anxious now that it is over. yes I will let u know how I get on, not heard anything yet.

welsh and proud
30-06-15, 17:17
Hi all I am in receipt of pip but they want to re asses and I have been poorly with a chest infection and suffer from anxiety, after answering all questions on form they still wanted me to travel from crewe to preston which on my own can't do so hopefully after my doctor has requested a home visit this should happen like my last one good luck to you with your pip claim they make you worse if any trying to claim x

02-07-15, 12:18
Hope your chest infection clears up and you get your assessment at home x

04-08-15, 02:09
You need to get your medical evidence yourself to make your claim more likely. Because the gp doesn't always complete if they are sent a form. get as much from your gp about your records aswell as a letter you may have to pay for of how your condition effects you on a daily basis. get list of medication and side effects. If your in therapy etc .