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15-06-15, 18:04

The above link helps show everything that was discussed before (and it means I don't have to go over it all again)!

My review for my tribunal success in November is due in just over a week and I'm trying to go thru everything in my head for the review properly.

It's around 7 months since my win and therefore all my evidence that gave me PIP should be valid. However, I am trying to see the pitfalls in it as well because we all know that the HCP will try to worm a way to write a report that disallows my claim.

There are no changes per se for the claim to no longer be valid but there are changes. I moved home as soon as I won my appeal but I wanted a council flat which I couldn't have due to rules in the area - I have to have a connection to the area for a minimum of 3 years before I can even go on the register. The bedsit I was in was very small and I was stuck in 4 square walls and I had to get out of there for my mental health wellbeing.

I was given the opportunity to move into my current 1 bed flat which is amazing. It overlooks a beachfront and just a perfect view and it's a far better flat than my bedsit could ever be.

It is not, however, disabled persons friendly. There A LOT of stairs as I live on the top floor. My initial thoughts, as a fibromyalgia sufferer, and it's a general medical view, that 'doing something is better than doing nothing'. I interpretted that as if I walk up and down these stairs occasionally then it may help with my fibromyalgia symptoms as it's a stealthy means to gain some well needed exercise. It doesn't mean I'm sprinting up and down them 50 times a day though!
If I'm really suffering with bad symptoms which I still very often do then I simply do nothing as I would when back in the bedsit. On better days it may take me 5 minutes to walk down them and 10 minutes to walk back up but again I can do this at my own pace at my own discretion.

With hindsight, moving here was not the best of ideas - but I had to get out the bedsit. My back in particular has worsened (bulging discs as well as significant urological issues - all with evidence from hospital specialists that I have seen recently).

I must note that I am not in receipt of mobility PIP but enhanced rate daily care.

I got 2 points for cooking needs - which I use a slowcooker to bulk cook a casserole as an example and then freeze them up into plastic pots which I then put them in the fridge on the days I'm going to microwave them.

I also got 2 points for washing and bathing needs - I used to wash extremely sparingly because the act of doing so fatigues me and as collapsing in the shower was a constant concern, I avoided washing until I was due to go out the flat for whatever reason. However, to help with this I use a shower stool which is a massive help. It means I can shower far more often while lowering the risks and concerns I had before.

I also got 8 points for engaging with people face to face - there's a fair bit of stuff on the other post regarding this and again nothing has significantly changed with this. However, the number of appointments with my therapist was finite and I last saw him in January 2015.

My issues are not resolved at all and quite frankly they are unlikely to be for the rest of my life but I am extremely concerned that the HCP is going to say 'therapy has finished therefore the issues are resolved - engaging with people face to face is no longer an issue - zero points'.

Just to advise with Cognitive Behaviour Therapy the number of appointments is limited and then your are left to assimilate everything that has been discussed and then you try move on with your life. They do this because we as patients could end up in therapy forever and there's no actual 'end game' so to speak.

Any thoughts for what I have stated would be great :)