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16-06-15, 22:16
Spoke with my GP today and she really wants me to try the Trazodone alongside the Fluoxetine. She says that she has patients taking that combination and that it works very well for them.

So, I have had all day to mull this over. I've been sick, had to run to the loo twice & am generally getting myself worked up about it.

I usually go to bed about 10.30 and am awake by 6am.. My little girl gets up about 8am, so it would be lovely to sleep until then.

When is the best time to take it? About 10, or earlier?

Wish me luck, so worried :weep:

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Here goes...!


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15 mins later all is well .. Maybe I'm immune? Lol

16-06-15, 22:19
"maybe I'm immune" that made me laugh :D
Nothing terrible will happen x

16-06-15, 22:28
Lol .. I thought it was going to knock me out?! 30 mins later & nothing!

17-06-15, 09:22
Well I had a good nights sleep, an odd dream though! But woke up slightly later than I normally would. Looked at the clock and it was 7.30.. But I was able to lay there and doze, which I haven't been able to do due to anxiety.

I've got a bit of a fuzzy headache but I'm a headachey person anyway. Hoping that's just an initial side effect?

The anxiety is less this morning, not sure if Trazodone works that quickly or if it's placebo effect. We shall see I guess.

17-06-15, 09:50
Glad you had a good night and less anxiety this morning! What dose of trazodone are you on?

Hope it will work well for you, so far so good! X

17-06-15, 10:02
She started me off on 50mg as I'm quite sensitive to medications unfortunately!

How are you today? Xx

17-06-15, 10:50
Yes 50 is the dose I was on. I'm sensitive to meds too hence the problems I'm having coming off. :(

Well I slept well thank goodness after 2 very bad nights! But woke with headache and feeling quite anxious this morning. I know these are side effects so am going to stick at 35 for a bit and see how I get on!

Keep us posted with your progress! X

18-06-15, 08:53
Sorry to hear you're going through such a tough time. How was your day yesterday?

I slept well again, little bit of anxiety this morning but I think that's as I'm going to the Drs this morning to discuss my medication xx

18-06-15, 10:03
Hi yesterday wasn't great even though I'd slept well. Had a headache most of the day until early evening!

Slept well again last night though, feeling a bit better today although still not right.

Trazodone can increase anxiety a lot until it's in your system I had a really hard time with it, but it did go after a while. Now it's back because I'm coming down again but it's not as bad as it was in the first few weeks. It doesn't help that I'm really tiny in height and weight, I think you need to eat well on it, sadly it's curbed my appetite!

I hope you get on with it better than I have!

Let us know how you get on at the docs. Xx

18-06-15, 13:53
Such a shame it's not worked out well for you hun - will you be trying anything else?

I had a review booked with my GP - she's really pleased I'm feeling the benefits already and has said that in some people it can work that quickly. She said its full effects will be felt in two-four weeks, so I should be getting continuously better on it.. She said the bad headache I have will ease off too.

I slept well again last night, despite the heat. Odd dreams again & only slight anxiety this morning.

Please, please may this be it for me! Xx

18-06-15, 14:48
I hope it is good for you x

No I won't be trying anything else, I was given it for insomnia but tbh I'm quite scared of meds so maybe I've sort if made it not work if you know what I mean!

Anyway keep me updated with your progress and I'll do the same! Xx

18-06-15, 16:57
Have you tried everything herbal?

I like falling asleep to hypnotherapy relaxation apps xx

18-06-15, 18:19
I did try herbal stuff when this all started in Feb. I also listened to Paul McKenna Plus a whole host of stuff from a hypnotherapist I was seeing.

Last night I did some yoga stretches which were good. I didn't read in bed which I normally do so I don't know if that made a difference or if the CBT I've just started is working. Or if it was a one off I don't know but whatever it takes I'll try it! :)

18-06-15, 23:04
Try having an Epsom salt bath before bed.. Stay in for at least 15 mins .. Sip a glass of cold water while you're in there as it can dehydrate you.

It's meant to be very good for sleep. Always makes me tired afterwards x

19-06-15, 10:39
Hi yes have tried Epsom salts too. :)

Slept well last night after some yoga stretches, hopefully it will continue!

How are you feeling today? X

19-06-15, 15:50
Ah I'm pleased you're feeling a bit better!

I slept well but woke up a little anxious as I had my CBT session today, and although I always feel better after it I still worry about going!

I'm fairly calm now though and the Trazodone startup headache seems to have almost gone too.

Can't believe the difference it's made in just 3 doses! Xx

19-06-15, 18:26
Great, seems like it will really suit you! Funny how things work for some and not others.

I went back to the doctor this morning to let her know about all my side effects. She said this is really the only way to do it... So a few more weeks of feeling like cr*p....

So hard! Especially when you have a child to look after! :(

19-06-15, 20:05
It really is, isn't it!

I'm a single mum to a 4 year old little girl & there have been times where I've been quite snappy with her, which I now feel really guilty about :-(

Do you think this might be the med for me then if I'm feeling like this already?

Has your Dr suggested anything else? Is it simply for insomnia or do you suffer from depression/anxiety too? Xx

19-06-15, 21:36
Hi I know the guilt feeling, my son is 10 now so not quite as needy but when he doesn't listen or do as he's told I have to really take stock so as not to lose my rag. It isn't easy especially if you're on your own and going through a hard time!

You should probably give it a couple of weeks to see if it's still ok for you. I can't remember if I had side effects from day 1 or if they kicked in later but you'll soon know. So far so good though!

The doctor basically said I have to ride it out. I started with insomnia out of the blue in Feb but I had been having a tough time just beforehand so it was definitely anxiety although I hadn't really realised I was that bad.

I'm dropping down to 30 tonight, just need to hurry up and get off it and its going to take so long! Dreading more side effects though!

Hope you have a good sleep and are anxiety free in the morning! Xx

20-06-15, 01:18
Oh bless you - I hope you manage to get a good night & feel a little better in the morning.

I've just popped a pill not long ago and am turning in for the night now. Fingers crossed for a no more panic morning :) xx

20-06-15, 08:43
Hiya. Been awake since 3.30...! :(

Very shaky this morning.

Hope you're ok! Xx

20-06-15, 16:03
What a shame!! How are you feeling now hun? Are you having CBT?

Im ok, started off a little anxious as seems to be the norm, but I'm fine now.. Did the experiment that my therapist wanted me to try a few times over the next week this afternoon, which was sitting for 5 mins and just concentrating on what my symptoms of anxiety usually are, to see what that monitoring does to my body. Must say I was quite worried about doing it and thought if I do that will it turn into a panic attack and will I then be stuck with anxiety again 24/7 ...!! But pleasantly surprised! The symptoms increased of course, but they literally only lasted a little while, I went and read part of my book afterwards and now I'm fine again! It just goes to show that constantly monitoring myself for how I'm feeling does me no good, and distracting yourself does work - this is a huge achievement for me! xx

20-06-15, 17:21
Brilliant so pleased for you. I do the self checking a lot and get really cross with myself when I realise I'm doing it. It's a good thing to be aware of!

I'm much better now thank you, felt quite ropey this morning but been out and done family stuff and it has taken my mind off it. Also went out for a walk in the rain to ensure I got some exercise!

Onwards and upwards eh? Here's to a better night tonight and another good night for you. X

20-06-15, 17:31
You too my lovely ..hope you get a full night's sleep!

I really would advise CBT if you can get it through your GP surgery. My therapist has been wonderful, every time I go I learn more about how to combat this terrible anxiety - the worksheets that I take away with me and the homework I'm set for the week really does help you to look at things differently.

If you are self checking you do need to stop, I used to constantly check my pulse and hands for trembling... but have learned that when I do that and my pulse is slightly high or my hands are trembling, that then confirms my thought that my anxiety is indeed high and then in turn makes it worse and I end up feeling awful.

One thing she got me to draw was a 'vicious and virtuous flower' for anxiety... have a google see if you can find examples. It's a great thing to sit and do when you're sat with your thoughts totally consumed by anxiety xx

20-06-15, 17:52
I started CBT last week but early days so far. She has helped me a lot with changing my thoughts at night. Hopefully as time goes on she will prove to be as good as yours sounds! Will google the flower thing!

We went bowling earlier and I realised that in the beginning I was constantly checking to see how I felt. It passed as I got more into the actual bowling but it is definitely something I need to stop doing.

Yes keeping busy and distracted is definitely the way forward!!!

Have a lovely evening, going to google now... Xxx

20-06-15, 17:58

22-06-15, 10:51
Hi how's it gone over the weekend?

I had an amazing sleep on Saturday night, between 8/9 hours! Sadly last night was rubbish, but I was a bit anxious before I went to bed which often happens on a Sunday night.

Hey ho...hope you're ok xx

23-06-15, 21:31
Hey love - everyday I'm a tiny bit better. I would say I'm 70% there! I've even tried a couple of beers with it & been fine, so pleased about that.

How have you been last night and today? What mg are you on now? Xx

24-06-15, 08:58
Ah I'm really pleased things are working out for you! You must be delighted. Xx

I haven't dared to drink on trazodone I'm such a wuss! I think because it's made me feel so bad was scared of it getting worse.

Last night I slept well but the night before was dreadful - lucky if i got an hour! So yesterday was pretty hard but saw my CBT therapist and she helped me see that even when I have bad nights I can still cope and do what I need to do the next day so no point worrying about it.

I'm on 30 but will drop to 25 this weekend.

Hope things continue to look up for you! X

01-07-15, 16:22
Hello lovely, how are you doing? xx

02-07-15, 09:48
Hi giraffe :)

I'm doing really, really well thank you!

I'm sleeping well, eating well, exercising a lot, feeling pretty good!!!

I'm down to 25 now. :)

How are you? X

02-07-15, 16:10
Ah that's great news lovely .... Are you going to come down further or stay at 25mg? Could it be that that's the right dose for you? Xx

02-07-15, 16:44
I'm going to keep coming down I want to be off it.

How are you getting on now? Xx

30-10-17, 12:39
Has anyone started trazadone and felt it working after about a month, then suddenly feel it isīt working so well a week or two later ?( I also had a terrible time starting it too, with amped up anxiety and everything). Because it doesnīt seem to be working as well as it did, I saw a doctor last week and she prescribed Lorazepam 1g to take half a pill at night to help with sleep, no problems with that but think I need a whole pill. She also gave me Tranxilium (clorazepate)5 mg to take for anxiety, again alongside Trazadone, but Iīm too scared to take it in case it ramps up the anxiety like the Traz did when I first started that 6 weeks ago.

Its a bit silly of me to be asking this question i suppose because everyone is different in what they can and canīt tolerate, but any replies gratefully received. thank