View Full Version : Switched from klonopin to xanax. Scared to death

19-06-15, 09:33
I was prescribed klonopin but my doctor switched me to xanax.. Just wondering what the difference was and why am I so afraid to take the xanax after taking the klonopin when needed for about a year now. I just am worried it will make my anxiety or give me panic attacks having an adverse effect. Can anyone help?

22-06-15, 11:43
My Bf took Xanax and says it is just stronger than Klonoipin xxxx

22-06-15, 12:46
I am on Xanax (has to be prescribed privately even by the NHS) Not all doctors like to prescribe it as even though it is meant as a short term usage it is far more potent than valium.

It works for me, but only to an extent to be honest.