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30-01-07, 11:36
I am going for an MRI scan on Friday as I have been suffering with catarrh behind my ear drum for 3 months, the docs want to check and see what is causing it. I have had dizziness and feeling sick and unreal lots and not sure if it is anxiety, my medication (mirtazipine 15mg) and (propranolol 80mg).or something wrong in my head. Just wondering if anyone else has been for one of these and what it's like. Feeling scared they will find something serious but then wouldn't the gp's have sent me urgently 3 months ago if they suspected something?!! My blood tests came back normal, blood pressure fine. can't help worrying which is probably feeding my anxiety and making me so poorly. Since my doc halved my anti depressant I have been feeling really weird like I feel like I can't walk, or stand when I have been sitting. I hate all these physical symptoms they can be really scary.

Love Helen xx

30-01-07, 11:55
Hi Helen,
I'm sorry to hear that you're not feeling too good at the mo' and just wanted to say that I went for an MRI scan back in October as I feel dizzy constantly, results turned out to be all ok... I was, as you are feeling, very anxious before the whole procedure but you will be fine. If you can, bring a friend along to be there with you as it may help your nerves or just ask one of the nurses to stay in the room with you. I found that whatever makes you feel more comfortable, they will try and accommodate.
Take care & let us know how you get along.
SamJay x

30-01-07, 12:07
Hi SamJay,

Thanks for replying. I hope everything will be fine, once it's over it will be one less thing to worry about at least. How long did it take to get your results?

Love Helen xx

30-01-07, 20:41
I have been off citropram for 5 months now and I can completley sympathise with the strange feelings coming off them. I had electric shock sensations all over my body so strange but they do pass after about 6 weeks - just remember to come off them slowly!!!

30-01-07, 21:43
hi helen
good luck with you MRI!
you,ll be fine
let us know how it goes
take care
rach x

30-01-07, 22:55
Hi Helen,

A few weeks ago I had an MRI doen for dizziness that I have had on and off for 6 years.

I was scared of the MRI as you go into a tunnel. It turned out not to be that bad. I found the noises made it better and I related some of the noises to musical instruments and this helped alot.

My results turned out normal and so will yours. Try some relaxation breathing.


30-01-07, 23:48
When you guys had the MRI did you have to have anything injected into your veins at all or was it just the scan. I see a neuro in March and do not want anything injected into me or for me to have to take any medication. Too sensitive to things now. x

It takes a minute to get anxiety, but a lifetime to get rid of it!!!

02-02-07, 03:44
Hi Angiebaby,

I did have ink injected into me, they did this just before the last lot of pictures. I don't think that there is any medication to take.

The ink is nothing to worry about and it doesn't do any harm.


03-02-07, 16:07
Hi guys.

Had my scan yesterday. I was terrified, nearly leapt from the bed you have to lie on, but told myself you won't get well unless you do this, so keep calm. It felt like it took ages, in fact I was in and out in 15 minutes.
Now got to wait a week for the results aarrggghhh!!!
I keep reassuring myself if it was life threatening they would have said something yesterday.

Anyway another milestone completed!

Lots of love
Helen xx

04-02-07, 18:51
well done helen!
it must be a relief that its over!
good luck on your results
take care rach x

06-02-07, 07:40
I had my MRI scan yesterday! Didn't get results today but like you, i am sure they would have said something straight away if they found something. Let us know when you get your results! I had mine for headaches and because my left pupil is larger than my right.
Just a question for everyone re: MRI - has anyone ever heard of them missing something? This is what I am scared of now.

"This too shall pass"