View Full Version : Klonopin cold turkey

22-06-15, 11:42
Ok, so for the past 6 months my BF from L.A came to live with ma and suffers with terrible anxiety so my doctor had him on 2mg's of Klonopin daily which I know is very strong, like 80mg of Valium/Dazepam. He went back to USA as his visa ran out and only had a months supply of pills and no doctor in the states. I have no idea what is going on as he has constantly just shut me out ever since and I am worried to death. He is now in WD. Communication amost nil. Has ay one been thourgh Klonopin WD cold turkey? I feel so totally helpless but he won't talk to me at all. I sufer with anxiety too and am not eating or sleeping with worry and drinking far too much wine just to stay calm.