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30-01-07, 23:10
The cardiologist has rung today to say that i'm fine! He says that i am getting ectopics, which are benign and he says that my heart is firing too early sometimes and that is what i can feel. He doesn't know how i can feel my heart firing into the beat because you are not supposed to feel it, but for some reason I CAN. So he says that i am fine and i do not need any treatment for this, so i will just have to learn to live with it now, at least i know that things are happening and i'm not going mad and imagining it!!!

It takes a minute to get anxiety, but a lifetime to get rid of it!!!

31-01-07, 03:12
Great news Angie.
I can feel mine too so youre not alone.

Don't believe everything you think.

31-01-07, 09:57
Thats great news angie
now comes the hard bit learning to live with them!!

31-01-07, 12:46
thats great angie
take care
rach x

31-01-07, 13:20
Hi Angie

That's great news that there is nothing wrong, i too can feel my ectopics all the time.

linda xx

31-01-07, 13:46
brill news i also can feel mine happening when i get them i get them most when i have my monthly cycle i hate the feeling also but u just have to keep reassuring yourself that nearly everyone has them its just that we are more tuned into them happening now cause we feel them more and are aware that we get them anyway thats good news u are fine try not to let them bother u now as much and honestly they DO start to go away slowly but surly i used to get them all the time but i now just say to myself when i get one they wont harm me and i am not letting it ruin my day and it works for me i hope it will work for u to GOOD LUCK xx julie

31-01-07, 20:47
Thanks guys, just waiting for him to send through the letter with all the technical things on it, i hope he sends a copy of the tracing, it will be very interesting to have a look at. Will let you know.

It takes a minute to get anxiety, but a lifetime to get rid of it!!!