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13-07-15, 18:56
I take 25 mg atenolol and 7.5 mg of buspar. I don't know what is up, I'm sooo sleepy all the time. When I go to the Dr my bp is usually 120/ 70 while on these, but when not on them its sky high. Could they be lowering my bp too low? And I'm nervous at the drs, and if its that low when I am nervous I can only imagine how low it is when I'm at home. Does anyone else have this issue? Or take the same combo of meds?

09-08-15, 17:46
the fatigue might be due to buspar or arenolol. you should ask your doc about that.
120/70 is 100% normal.
when you are nervous your blood pressure goes slitly up (within normal limits).
soo you dont have to worry about that.

13-05-17, 20:52
I take both of them and it does not cause tiredness or lethargy for me.

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