View Full Version : 6 months post partum anxiety

21-07-15, 19:49
I have had anxiety in the past, but I was on medication, I am 6 months post part, and I am having bad anxiety about my health. I am worried something bad is gonna happen to me, and I will not be able to take care of my baby. I can't stop thinking these thoughts, I am having obsessive thoughts over this. I dont know what to do . I am breast feeding. Anyone else feel scared ?

21-07-15, 20:13
Hi there, I had that postpartrum aswell it was awful, I got very bad regarding my health. Sounds like you doiing really well breast feeding aswell :)
I remember hving to just keep going, I suggest you see your doctor perhaps I def should had at the time

29-12-15, 02:36
I'm also going through this at 10 months postpartum. My biggest fear is not being able to take care of my 2 babies, it's a horrible feeling. I seriously think I'm giving myself these symptoms and just want to be normal again . Have you seen a doctor about this?

29-12-15, 09:31
Intrusive thoughts are awful. CBT will help you address these. x