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28-07-15, 18:29
A few months ago I had a full count blood test to check for anything suspicious as I was worried about mouth cancer at the time. I have recently started worrying about leukaemia because I have been getting some bruises on my legs and one on my arm without remembering how I did it. Now if I had this wouldn't it have shown up in the blood test 3 months ago? Also if my white blood cell count was high would they have called me back in even if they weren't looking for leukaemia? I am panicking because when the doctor called up she said there was nothing serious at all and there's nothing to worry about I for some reason remember her saying the word "viral". Back then I wasn't worry about this but I am now so should I just leave it or what? Thanks

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I should also mention that I may have misheard this because she has an accent that I sometimes don't understand.

28-07-15, 18:35

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28-07-15, 23:24
Ok thanks. does anybody know?

28-07-15, 23:43
Well to be honest the answer is no none of us no , but what I would say is listen to what you're doctor actually said the words nothing to worry about ermm so don't also if something is viral it can be treated easily xx