View Full Version : Post Endoscopy help!!! (which was not half as scary as I thought!!!)

31-07-15, 17:24
I had an endoscopy yesterday and the stress that came before the procedure was unbearable, anyway I was brave and had the throat spray, no sedation and it was very tolerable indeed and I am the biggest worrier/scaredy pants ever! Anyway my main focus now is the leaflet they gave me to take home which I have in true anxiety fashion studied and am waiting for vomiting or vomiting with blood/high temp/chest pain etc etc. I DO feel nausea and I keep burping but I haven't been sick and I do feel spaced out. Any reassurance? anyone had burps and nausea afterwards? I am very possibly bringing the nausea on myself :blush::weep: Pretty annoying considering how proud I was of myself yesterday and how brave I was. I am over 24 hours post scope now. Hope someone has had similar to me. xx

31-07-15, 17:55
its ur anxiety kicking in now so stop it be brave of ur self and now forget it

31-07-15, 19:31
Hi well done you, I'm impressed.
Too long after your endoscopy its all good now, I was told if your going to get any bad effects its within 24 hours.
Wind is very common and positively normal, what have you eaten since.

31-07-15, 19:45

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31-07-15, 20:58
Sorry admin :-) Thank you for your replies :-) I have mainly stuck to a plain diet since, I have had scrambled eggs this morning, baked potato for lunch and I am having soup for tea. Its just so typical of me to get through the endoscope without any sedation but I cant be happy with that I now have to get anxious and obsess about any possible side effects!! Its been a good 29 hours now.

06-09-15, 19:06
I thought I would let anyone interested know that my nausea resolved after about 10 days. I did to to visit my GP and I explained that I was a bit anxious about the nausea and I told him I was worrying about possible tears or ruptures causing the nausea. He told me that he himself had had an endoscopy and he also had felt nauseous for some time afterwards too. He reassured me that it would settle down and he did give me some anti nausea tablet to take should I require them........which I didnt, as a few days after seeing him the nausea resolved itself and I have been perfectly fine ever since then :-)

07-09-15, 05:04
Good to know! Very helpful to others to have shared this, thanks. I know I sure would have been happy to know what's typical and of no worry. :D