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02-08-15, 11:04
I do not like hospitals, I tried to have this procedure 3 or 4 weeks ago When I had a piece of steak stuck and could not keep water down. I reacted to sedation so pulled tube out. I have no knowledge of this and the drugs wipe out memory.

As I have had problems before I have to have it done again to rule out anything. I am sure it is just me not chewing food when I am anxious, but need to have it done to for reassurance.

It is the procedure I am bothered about.

I am generally an anxious person and realise my brain is not working properly, yes I realise it is not a nice procedure and it will be uncomfortable but I just seem to panick and get worked up. If I need sedation again I am worried my naturally strong fight flight response will kick in.

I have overcome other brain malfunctions' before. Eg I used to eat too much chocolate but overcome this with a self hypnosis book.also I had a fear of open water swimming scared of th fish. I decided to give the fish names, eg Clive the cod, Tracy the trout. This just brings smiles to my face and I would like to see them now lol.

I am going to call the consultants PA this week as they are bound to have ideas and how they can help.
Any advice welcomed. :-)

03-08-15, 08:22
I have bad anxiety and I managed the endoscopy without sedation, my anxiety kicked in during the days after (but thats another story!) I had the throat spray which I didnt like as it felt like I couldnt swallow, but the consultant told me that my brain was receiving mixed signals and that in a minute it would be okay.... and it was, I admit it was a strange feeling but I didnt have time to worry about it. I lay on my side and they put the mouth guard in, and then they ask you to swallow while they push the tube down, I had to do this 3 times, it just felt like the sensation of swallowing a big piece of bread and it didnt hurt, I couldnt feel a thing after this. I coped by breathing, I concentrated on my breath, in through the nose, out through the nose, I kept my eyes shut and focused on breathing, I wouldn't say I was relaxed but it got me through, and before I knew it they were telling me they were taking the tube out. It was over in minutes.

03-08-15, 11:04
Thankyou for taking the time it really does help.
The brains a strange thing, we all seem to be anxious about different things. In perspective I know I should not be so worried.
Hope you are feeling better now. x

03-08-15, 23:26
If I can do it, then you most certainly can. Try with just the throat spray, it is honestly over in a matter of minutes. I feel okay it was 4 days ago now and I still have a lot of gas/burps I feel better than I did 2 days ago though so I am trying to be positive, I was very focused on after effects and was waiting for something dreadful to happen to me when I got home, but it didnt :blush: I had some nausea and lots of wind but that has been it. Please let me know how you get on. x

04-08-15, 09:39
Aww. Thankyou. It could be months away as it is non urgent. I am confident it is just because I have not been chewing food properly so not worried about the results.

My mantra. I can do it it, I can do it, I can do it......
Picturing a white feather and controlling it as I breathe in, up the feather goes, breathe out, down the feather goes. :-)

Well done you, and pleased you are feeling better.

Lorraine x

02-09-15, 16:42
Well I did not have to wait as long I thought. My test was today, hope what I say makes sense as I ended up sedated.

The team going todays process was completely different. The atmosphere was more relaxed. I had a conversation with the lady in charge of the tube because previously I had communication issues. You can not ask for help with a tube in your mouth. They were all amazing today.

I tried for a very short time just throat spray. But I did not like it so waved my hand as she asked me if I would prefer sedation so nod of the head and a thumb up. She stopped immediately. I had requested the candular before I went into room so the sedation was in system very quick. This time I remember none of it. :-)

Nothing major in the result a hiatus hernia which I believe I might be prescribed tablets for as I am having a reflex. i will book appointment in 1 week or 2 as not urgent and don't feel bad, just the odd bit of indigestion when I eat 'naughty' food.

If I managed it anyone can. :-)