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06-08-15, 10:52
I chickened out of my MRI scan today - the claustrophobia and feeling of panic overwhelmed me just as my head started to enter the tube.

This was despite the 15mg of diazepam prescribed by my GP - which calmed me down a bit - but in the end just made me feel a bit more relaxed about backing out.

Maybe I need a higher dose of diazepam or a stronger drug. I would be interested to know what drugs other people have used to ward off panic attacks when having MRI scans.

Anyway next time ( if there is one) I was thinking of trying prism glasses - they make these glasses specifically to reduce the claustrophobic sensation of MRI scans - has anyone tried them?

10-08-15, 10:16
I have recently had a brain and spine MRI. I too am claustrophobic but read advice on here about closing my eyes before going in the machine and just concentrating on my breathing and I can honestly say it was a lot better than I thought! As soon as the cage went on my face, I shut my eyes and didnt open them at all, I have no idea how small the space was once I was slid in the machine as I didn't look:D It was VERY noisy but I found it kind of soothing once I had calmed down my heart rate after the first few minutes, it sounded just like the intro to Blue Monday so I was just lying there, chilling out, concentrating on my breathing and thinking happy thoughts.

Halfway through, they slid me out of the machine to change the face cage for a chest cage as I was also having spine done and then I just closed my eyes again and in no time at all , they were getting me out and it was all done. I was in for a total of 45 minutes but it felt like 10.

I really thought I would panic and not be able to go through with it, but I am so glad I did.

If I can do it, anyone can:D

Have you another scan booked for the future?

ETA: I didn't have any drugs to relax me

10-08-15, 15:12
I am extremely claustrophobic, I mentioned this at the hospital and they transferred me to another hospital where the machines are semi-open. Still claustrophobic but not as bad.
Maybe you could ask for this? I don't know if this is an option in the UK?