View Full Version : Lumbar puncture and visual evoked potentials

10-08-15, 10:23
Has anyone had these tests? and could let me know what happens?

I am getting slightly nervous, mainly about the lumbar puncture, not the actual procedure itself, but I have read about the dreaded Headache that can come afterwards and linger :ohmy:

10-08-15, 15:08
Hi, I had a lumbar puncture about 4 months ago. I choose to have it done without any form of anesthetic.
It isn't the most pleasant test in the world but it's over very quickly
The doc told me about the possible headache. She told me to lie down for I think it was an hour or two and to sip water non stop. I didn't get any kind of headache at all.
Hope all goes well x

12-08-15, 20:34
I've had these tests and also didn't get a headache. I had to lie down for 2 hours afterwards as well.

13-08-15, 16:05
Thanks for replies. I have my date now, it is beginning of September so not long to go now. Just wish I could get all these tests done and out of the way, then just have to worry about the results, I get one thing to stress over out of the way and another thing takes its place:doh:

18-09-15, 12:26
Thought I would update- I had the tests and they went well. I didnt get the lumbar puncture headache, I had to lie flat for an hour after the procedure, then I went and had the visual evoked potentials done which did not take long, then I went home. I lay flat most of the time for the next 2 days, drinking loads of water, coffee and tea and I didnt get the headache! I did have some back discomfort for quite a few days though, it felt like I had been kicked in the back.

I am just waiting for an appointment now to come through to see neuro and get results :scared10:

18-09-15, 13:25
Aaah yes, I now remember I had a bit of discomfort in the lumbar area for a few days.
Good luck with the results x

18-09-15, 13:28
Thanks for that

I wish it would all just hurry up, I want to know what is going on in my brain:D