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12-09-04, 13:50
hello, been on johns wort for most of this year and recently i dropped the dose to one tablet a day and feeling more anxiety..which i can deal with

I just want to know if my system will sort itself out faster if im on a lower dose.

thanks adam.

12-09-04, 14:00
it may adam. Have you read the leaflet on the meds.

if you feel you are not improvign then go back to how much you were taking

hope all is well

Scooter Girl

if i was hungry would you feed me, if i fell you help me up, if i was crying would you brush away my tears

12-09-04, 14:13
Hi Adam,

The best place to ask that is www.stwinfo.org


12-09-04, 23:44
no scooter girl i have not got one

thanks meg, ive asked there too..