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12-08-15, 21:19
Well, I've not posted much here in the last year - I mainly visit the intro and medications sub-forums, and I've been feeling OK lately, so not many drug changes.

Mood wise anyway I've been OK. The sexual side effects (no I won't get graphic, please bear with me :)) have not improved even after 15 months on the amitriptyline, and it's rather getting me down.

I swapped amitriptyline for buspirone a while back, but lasted 10 days because my anxiety came back like a tidal wave. No more sexual side effects but horrible anxiety. So I went back to the amit, and have been trying herbal remedies like ginseng and ginkgo biloba, with a small degree of success but not enough.

I saw my GP today and asked him if I could try buspirone again, but this time in place of the mirtazapine (which just helps me sleep at 15mg, no effect on anxiety).

He agreed to that so I'll be starting it tomorrow, when the mirtazapine is almost out of my system (not taking any today).

I would never recommend going straight from one drug to another but it always works fine for me, probably because I'm on 2 antidepressants at any one time, so the other one seems to dampen any withdrawal effects.

All I want is a drug which takes away my anxiety but with no side effects. Is that too much to ask :)?

08-09-15, 04:47
I feel your pain there! I just started buspar about a week ago and I've had a few side effects and I'm so sensitive to ssris and snris I'm just sick of medications. And turmeric is an herbal supp I was taking and that made my pvcs worse