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20-08-15, 22:36
Hi friends,

I know there's plenty of rote tapering schedules out there, but most seem to suggest a diazepam crossover and I don't think that's warranted in my case. I'm working up a taper schedule and wonder if you would comment.

Currently taking .5mg—.25 taken twice daily. I know it's a low dose, but I'm also sensitive to going slow as best strategy.

I omitted my second dose entirely yesterday—a 50% cut—and am feeling pretty rotten today. Truncated sleep as well. I am thinking a better strategy is to omit one quarter every 7-14 days, ie. halve my second dose for a while to begin with, and continue accordingly.

Thanks for your thoughts!

22-03-16, 03:43
This is an old thread but may help others who are trying to gradually taper off klonopin. A quarter of .5 mg, which is .125 is a good start but may still be a little harsh on peoples nervous system. .125 would be a good start but if it is too much to take away and you are feeling symptoms, if you are very precise in your cut, you can cut the quarter into 1/8 which is 12.5% of the daily dose. Also keep in mind, only taper off klonopin under your doctor's supervision. Tapering off klonopin can be challenging if not done properly. .5 mg of klonopin is equivalent to 5 mg of valium, which is a pretty significant amount for a benzo. Please speak to your doctor if you are considering coming off any benzo. Good luck!

30-03-16, 17:41
Thanks for your reply. After some reading I did not do what I initially planned above—rather, I set a weekly cut-rate and stuck by my schedule, intending for a slow, smooth withdrawal. 25% was over-ambitious; I'm glad I got good advice like yours!

30-03-16, 18:06
I'm currently withdrawing from Rivotril, and instead of a whole 0.5 mg tablet, I'm taking 3/4 of a tablet. I've only noticed a slight rise in my anxiety levels, but other than that, it's going smoothly. :)

A 50% cut is a bit much, so it's no wonder you felt rotten. I hope you find a cut-rate that suits you. Good luck!

09-04-16, 08:50
Try benzobuddies.org. It is the top rated site for tapering off benzos.

18-04-16, 15:51
My American bf was prescribed this when he was in the UK for 6 months and only had a months supply of pills when he went back to America (no visa, sob!) He was on 32mg ones and just cut them into quarters and is totally fine,he had a few rough weeks at the start, just a couple really and now has no anxiety where as I was on Lorazepam (Ativan) and went though hell, a year later I am having to go on Celexa (Citalopram) as still so poorly. I have Diazepam now but find it seems to make my mood very low which Ativan never did! But could be my anxiety not he pill.

23-04-16, 14:02
Try benzobuddies.org. It is the top rated site for tapering off benzos.

I apologize. Please disregard this website. I did some further research on it and the methods members of the site used are potentially dangerous. Please note when you are considering coming off klonopin to do it under the supervision of a doctor

09-05-16, 05:21
Yes I feel benzobuddues are very extreme with their tapers.
They are encouraging people to take years to come off their benzos.
I have come off clonazapam and reduced my dose by .125 Mgs every 7 to 10 days.
Hope thus helps somebody.

13-07-16, 00:05
Thanks everyone. I did make some connections on that website, however folks were very opinionated; some fast, some slow. I am glad I had the guidance of a doctor to pay attention to the science and deal with the problem reasonably.

Using a similar common-sense taper strategy for zopiclone and it's going well.

23-11-16, 19:50
Hi All,
I have been on .25 clonazepam once daily for past 2 months. (Prior to that I had 1mg ativan daily for 6 weeks)
My SSRI seems stable and some days I wake up and take the clonazepam as habit, not because I feel it's needed. So my psychiatrist and I decided we would start a taper process.
She says I should alternate taking .25mg one day (a full pill), then half pill the next day, then full pill, etc
She's suggesting this for two weeks. Then on week 3 I will just take a half pill daily.

I am nervous and wondering if anyone has had success with this method?

All bodies are different I know, but I'd like some positive feedback if there is some out there



24-11-16, 08:39
Dora, my psychiatrist has never suggested anything other than the following withdrawal method: slowly cutting down on the dose. So, instead of one whole tablet, take 3/4 of one for two weeks to a month, then cut down to 1/2, then a quarter, and then, eventually, none. That way, your body is gradually getting used to a smaller dose without it shocking your system. I'm no expert, but seems to me like alternating between a lower and a standard dose might be more confusing to your system...