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22-08-15, 23:07
Hi everybody I have servere anxiety and panic and depression. I have always had ibs for 20 years and sometimes I am in the toilet for ages , every morning, when I am stressed or worried I am worse. I sometimes get constipated , I have had all the usual medications over the years colpermin fybogel, earing all bran then not eating it, trying to eat healthy, anyway to cut a long story short I noticed blood in my poo as I felt itchy and somerhing hard and trying to expel it I just thought I was constipated , I went to the doctos and he gave me a rectum examination he said I had a pile , I went back as the cream he gave me didn't seem to be working. He referred me to the hospital where I had a a examination with the procotsy and the doctor said I had 3 large haemaroids which he injected and said they would shrink he has booked me in for a colonoscopsy in 2 weeks I have been sent the prep for the bowel etc. but since I have received the letter I have really bad ibs again in the mornings no blood , very sore though, I know it's because I am very worried about this procedure, and very anxious the thing is how am I going to cope in the evening after taking the laxatives, as when I am panicky I need somerhing to eat as my sugar drop due to the andrenal in I am not allowed glugose or broth .. I don't know how I am going to manage my husbands has a illness and can't cope with me as well, do you feel faint from hunger and my daughter who lives in the USA said she had clear broth as her fluids , but I can't see thst on my leaflet, anyway sorry for rambling, but when I got to the dentist they give me glugose drink as I go dizzy . Please help me. As I will have to cancel this and I really want to get to bottom of why I am always on the loo. I am so scared of the unknown this anxiety is so bad, I am trying to forget about it , but it's always on my mind.

23-08-15, 03:54
I'm positive that you are allowed clear broth, as it IS a clear fluid. You are also allowed as much clear soda (ginger ale or 7UP) and jello as you like. Nothing red or purple though. But there you have lots of choices with plenty of sugar, so if you're that worried about the broth just don't bother with it. You don't have to cancel it at all.

It may provide some keys to your IBS and a treatment that can help you. Good luck!