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08-02-07, 22:52
hi,ive got a bloated stomach just underneath my rib cage.and there is like a funny feeling there,its not really pain its more an uncomfortable feeling.does anyone else ever get this and could it be ibs?

09-02-07, 12:01
Yes I get this and I always put it down to my IBS. But I was explaining it to my counsellor and she was saying it was a very common symptom of anxiety. I guess anxiety and IBS go together with me. Mine's particularly bad below my ribs to my belly button and I feel like I'm wearing an iron corset! I'm so uncomfortable and I guess it's muscle tension too as I can't seem to bend easily. I get all bloated and my clothes get really tight and restricting. I can't get comfortable especially if I sit down.


09-02-07, 12:19
I get this a lot of the time, and often find that my stomach getting like this makes my anxiety much worse (or is it a chicken and egg situation, who knows). Can be very uncomfortable though I find doing a bit of exercise helps, or maybe just helps me ignore it/forget about it.

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09-02-07, 21:07
thanks for your replies.i wish i could stol worrying about the slightest things.hey caroline your my saviour you always reply to me.x

10-02-07, 15:09
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