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10-02-07, 19:58
Has anyone any experience of this drug? I'm almost off Effexor TG and psych is talking about putting me on this. Any stories?

Jo :)

10-02-07, 20:26
I take 50mg in the evenings, my GP prescribed it as I get a lot of headaches and have trouble with insomnia. It's supposed to be good for pain and help you sleep better as well as acting as an anti-depressant in the long run. I'm told it's one of the older anti-depressants called tricylics (TCA's), from what I've read, more recently doctors favour SSRI's as they have less side effects. I also take Paroxetine along with it.

I find it makes me feel a bit zombified and drowsey compared to SSRI's and gives me a very dry mouth. Despite the side effects, I personally think it works quite well for me tho.


10-02-07, 20:27
elo Jo,

I was on these many years ago...it is one of the old type anti depressants..I was on it for a year..

It helps u sleep as it has to b takn at night so if you r having sleep probs it will help..

I did notice that I put on sooooo much weight while on this med...i tried everyting to lose it but it was just a waste of time..it is a side effect of it..

It didn't help me really so i came off it....

Sorry duno if thats any help hun....just cos it didn't work for me doesn't mean that it wont for you...

good luck whateva you decide to do ...x

Take care,
Lin xxx
"Fear is dat lil darkroom, wer negatives r developed", so positive thoughts okies!!!!!

10-02-07, 20:28
Thanks Lin, I do worry about the weight gain as I'm on lithium as well which has made me put on weight.


13-02-07, 15:48
i take 75mg at night it does help me sleep as i used to have a real problem sleeping,ive been taking it for about a year now and i find it ok

23-02-10, 16:48
Amitriptyline & IBS

Hi everyone, I am new to the site.

I have suffered with IBS most of my life but it was confirmed 6 years ago after getting a second opinion. I was taking Mebrevene and then I tried Colifax but I had bad side effects from both, panic and head aches. I have bin trying to control it naturally for the past three years as I did not want to take any pills. By watching what I eat, drink, how much I sleep and exercise but it is still a big problem. I have to know where all the toilets are before I go anywhere. I have to not eat until I get to my destination. I spend most of my life in the toilet.

I have also just been diagnosed with an under active Thyroid so I have started on Levothyroxine. About a year ago, an eight year row with a family member came to head I had a bad panic attack. Could not breath, almost passed out, pains in my chest and my arms went pins and needle. I thought I was dying.
Since then I feel uneasy. I am scared of dying and leaving my partner and family.
I do not understand why I am like this, I am the happiest I have ever been in my life with fiancée and we are planning to get married next year. I have a good job but they are starting to question why I have so much time off work with an upset stomach.

I was prescribed Beta blockers after the panic attack but I felt fine after a little while so I stopped taking them.
I got to a point that I felt I could only relax when I had a glass of wine. One glass turned into two and then I was having a couple most days of the week and then more at the weekend, however the hang over’s were unbearable.

I have cut down now but I have become more anxious. I can not eat food with out water or some sort of drink as I feel I will choke. I have developed a fear of driving on the motorway and will often go miles out of my way to avoid it however I am happy driving. I have to really think about my breathing but sometimes my fiancée has to calm me down and hold my hand, tell me everything is going to be alright.

After a long talk to a doctor I felt comfortable with, he has decided to start me on Amitriptyline.

I am now anxious about taking the tablets that should help my anxiety.

23-02-10, 17:50
I was on Amitriptyline for four years. They worked brilliantly for about 3 half years, then i started having side effects because my body was rejecting them. Dr changed me onto other meds and then put me back on amitriptyline a few months later. I took them for another two years until my body rejected them again. I've got to say they were the best pills i ever took. i felt human and very positive about my life. None of the meds i've been on since have given me the same feeling of hope. They can have some mild side effects, i suffered slight headaches but they soon passed. I would recomment them. Hope u get on okay.