View Full Version : Nervous to start with fluoxetine

23-09-15, 11:51
Hi everyone,

I have been on fluoxetine since July and have found a massive difference in the way I've felt, have felt so much better in terms of depression and anxiety however feels like in a way I've had to compromise my physical health because since a couple of weeks in I've suffered from really bad headaches as well as generally feeling quite run down quite a lot and have started getting ringing in my ears also.

I seen my doctor last week who thinks this is side effects from the fluoxetine and not anything else, which I was beginning to worry about quite a bit :( ... but because I have been so happy with what the fluoxetine has done for my mental health its kind of affecting my choices as to what can do to go forward ....

She said that I could switch to Paroxetine however then mgiht have different side effects again .. or I could add amiitriptyline as well as my fluoxetine to help manage my headaches, she advised starting at half a tablet at night .. i think it was just a 10mg dose tablet so a very low dose. I'm leaning towards the option of adding in amitriptyline because to be honest I'm scared of coming off the fluoxetine because of how much better I've felt .. but at the same time I'm really scared of adding in amitriptyline beacuse of the potential side effects could get with that too... :shrug::scared15::unsure:

Doctor pretty much said it was really jusdt a balancing thing, trying to get the right dose of the right thing, I just really can't go on like this, so fed up of haivng a headache every day....

Just wanted to add my post in and see what anyone elses experiences were .. has anyone else taken this along with fluoxetine?

Thanks :) x