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15-09-04, 14:03
Hi, I take Beta Blockers to help get through talking in weekly meetings. They take away the racing heart, trembling etc but because i still panic in my mind and this affects my eyesight. I think because the beta blocker relaxes my body i still fight against the panic and i end up looking scared. I find my eyes widen and i can't focus properly when i have to talk and i'm sure i make people nervous as i look at the way they are looking at me. I wish i could feel more relaxed and not look so frightened! i feel so stupid. does anyone know of anything that could help take me deal with this?


15-09-04, 20:31
I think learning to breathe slowly and calmly would help a great deal.

I wish there was something else I could suggest.

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22-09-04, 23:52
have u tried prozac , i was on propanolal before , it stoped my heart racing , but was feeling anxioues , i stoped it now and i am on przac , much better for me

23-09-04, 00:03
Hi Amersalman

No I haven't tried it. Is it something you take every day? Beta blockers suit me as i only take them when i need them..like before going in to a meeting. I started off on 10 mg but because i got used to that i felt nervous again so went back to the docs and she put it up to 40 mg. I don't really want to keep upping the dose though. Do you have any side affects from Prozac?