View Full Version : Duloxetine Dosage?

24-09-15, 16:22
Hi :)

I have been prescribed Duloxetine 30mg by my psychiatrist for treatment of anxiety and depression. I have previously tried fluoxetine, mirtazapine, reboxetine and trazodone. The only one that I felt made any difference at all was reboxetine but I had to stop that due to physical side effects. I understand that duloxetine is the same 'kind' as reboxetine.

I picked it up from my pharmacy today and they hadn't included a patient information leaflet in the box which is something I always like to read before starting new medication, so I had a look on Google for a copy. Now it seems that the dosage for anxiety & depression is 60mg. There was no word from my psychiatrist about working up to that dose.

I'm not trying to be pessimistic but I very much doubt I am going to feel any effects from a drug when I am taking half of the recommended dose. :doh: Has anyone started (and remained) on 30mg and found it helped them?

26-09-15, 07:17
Reboxetine is classed as a NRI as opposed to Duloxetine being a SNRI but Reboxetine has been seen to inhibit serotonin at a therapeutic level.

With SNRI's until you reach the point at which the adrenaline is interacted with, it;'s just a SSRI really. For Duloxetine this is 60mg and for Venlafaxine it is 150mg. But some people are on doses of Ven lower than this and fine so is your psychiatrist perhaps seeing how you go first before upping it?

30mg did give me some initial side effects and I felt better after a week but then a week later it dipped again. I increased to the expected 60mg at this point.

Personally, I can't see much point for Duloxetine with using the "N" too as the range of dosage is not like with Ven how you can experiment more.