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16-09-04, 15:23
:) hi there ive been taking this drug(80mg) for about 5 years now,its in capsule form,i know ive gotta see the doc first but is it easy to withdraw from this drug and how long does it roughly take.it helps with my anxiety which ive got pretty bad,but i dont want to carry on using it as i want to start a family,or is there an alternative safe drug which can help my anxiety that i can take thru pregnancy[?]

any advice would be grateful

thank you
kim x

16-09-04, 16:55
Hi Kim,

I too have been taking this drug but just 10mg 3 times per day for migraine related headaches and also to help with any anxiety too. I have only been taking this ed for 2 mths and I was at my doctors today as I want to stop taking it as I too want to start a family and I also feel I am putting on weight. Have you gained any weight due to this medication?

I do think you should visit your GP and discuss withdrawal from this medication properly as it does say you should not just stop suddenly. I dont think it will take you long to withdraw from it though.

As for taking something else for anxiety, there isnt a lot you can take if you are trying for a baby as you cant take herbal medication either. What i was advised was to consider some homeopathic medication for my headaches and anxiety as it has no affects if pregnant. You would be best to visit a homeopath who can tailor the medication to your symptoms.

Hope this helps you.:D


16-09-04, 18:33
hi there sadie,no i didnt put on any weight,im going to see my gp monday morning,i just wanted any advice from people whos been there or knows anything about this drug.
thanks anyway

16-09-04, 23:42
Hi Kim

Doc can give you best advice but more importantly good luck with trying for a family.

Hope it goes well and you have good news for us soon.

Love Sal xxxxx

22-09-04, 23:47
see the doc , first but it will take u 3-4 weeks to stop it , i was on 40 mg an dtook me three weeks , the only reason to do that is so that u get used to the symptoms of anxiety , for me it never worked the propanolal , i am onn prozac now , but i heared that preagnent women can take prozac , how true i am not sure , all the best

23-09-04, 15:13
Hi there went to the docs to stop using this drug,shes prescribed 40mg and to take one only when needed,which im doing at the mo.
I didnt put any weight on while i was on this drug.

23-09-04, 15:28
Hi I am taking it propanol. Does it give anyone else loose stools(sorry) but it does

23-09-04, 15:30
Hi rusty
it didnt have that effect on me


23-09-04, 15:35
Oh. I am taking it with Efexor.. So maybe I should take them at different times.

23-09-04, 23:21
I take both efexor and propranonol and have loose stools (to be polite)!