View Full Version : What dose is every one on for anxiety?

23-10-15, 07:43
Hi my doctor put me on 20mg of Amitriptyline for sleep and anxiety. I was just wondering what dose every one else was on for the same illness. 20mg does not seem much and I have a high tolerance to sedating drugs. I need elephant pills to knock me out, lol.
I have felt less anxious but also quite flat first thing on a morning. I also take Propranolol and 7.5mg of Mirtazapine. :)

27-10-15, 23:52
Hi Karen,
I wish you well on your new med. I'm currently on nothing and it's probably the most normal I've felt in 4 yr. Take care:hugs:

30-11-15, 16:47
Hi Karen

Sorry I'm a month late to this thread but I came off amitrptyline for a couple of months to try trazodone.

I'm back on amit now at 25mg, I also take mirtazapine 25mg.

I notice you are on both too. Hope they're working well for you.


03-12-15, 15:45
I was prescribed 10mg to start off with today. Mainly for migraine prevention.
I don't know if that will do much for my anxiety, 'cause it's so low. Having said that I don't have insane anxiety either. I'm in a place now where I worry about the physical symptoms more than anything else. So hoping it will help.
Anyone know whether 10mg will do anything at all?

13-12-15, 00:58
I am on 75mg at night for anxiety and depression it does not seem to do anything for it I also take 200mg of qutiapine twice a day 1 mg of clonazipam at 1pm 1 mg at 6pm and 2mg at night I have not long left hospital acording to the new Dr i see i dont show signs of depression but I feel depressed and I think they come hand in hand but for the meantime the Dr just wants to treat anxiety first :(.

17-12-15, 19:04
75mg at the moment, though ive only been on it a couple of weeks. feel worse than ever at the moment

22-12-15, 17:11

I was taken off Venlafaxine due to an allergic reaction and started on 50mg Amitriptyline at night, been 15 days since commenced the Amitriptyline and still feeling the anxiety but the side effects which I had originally with the cross over seem to of stopped - they do say though you have to give the meds between 2-4 weeks to see any difference - so holding onto this at the moment.

How's people feeling on these?


25-12-15, 22:22
i was on 10mg orginally then bumped up to 20mg after a few weeks..was fine for helping me sleep but my anxiety wasnt any better so bumped up to 50 mg....took for a month felt rubbish so completly of it now and relying on diazapam