View Full Version : Does anyone take Olanzapine during the day?

27-10-15, 18:26
Does anyone take Olanzapine during the day,or split their doses over a period of time?

28-10-15, 10:30
Nope..night time only for me in one dose..

30-10-15, 21:08
Yes I was on 2.5mg morning and night but now just on 2.5mg in the morning, I felt I got more benefit from it by taking it during the day XX

27-01-16, 07:44
I have been taking it at night but can also take during the day if needed. However it's only a small dose (2.5) and I don't think it's really doing anything anyway. Doesn't make me drowsy or anything.

28-01-16, 01:22
I used to take at night, made me sleepy.

29-02-16, 18:40
I used to take 2.5mg in the morning and then 5mg at night.

For the last 3 days however I have been taking 90% of this (2.25 and 4.5 resp.).