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15-02-07, 16:06

I'm new to this forum, but definitely not new to the whole anxiety thing, which I've been suffering from - well, it seems most of my life.

Anyway, the anxiety has been really bad again lately and the doctor has put me back on Citalopram. I was on Cipramil a few years ago, and it really helped with my panic attacks and general anxiety, although did make me feel "drugged" and slow - but in my view, better to feel like that than extremely anxious!! What do you think??

Anyway I started the Citalopram today. I took 5mg today and will slowly work my way up to 20 (I was on 60 last time round, which might have been too much!!). My head is feeling spacey, I'm shaky, suppressed appetite, can't concentrate.. and I feel scared :( I know I just have to carry on and persevere, can't wait till I feel better again...

15-02-07, 16:32

I started on Citalopram for the first time on Tuesday this week (10 mgs per day). I've been treated for anxiety since November, but now my GP obviously wants to treat the depression. I posted earlier this week (Citalopram - Positive comments Please), and have had some really good replies.

Maybe we should keep each other informed as to how we're getting on with the meds?

Good luck.


15-02-07, 16:42
Hi Sandie

Thanks for the reply... so we're in the same boat then! yes would be good to keep in touch about the meds, because right now I feel very alone and don't know where to turn. That's why I joined the forum!!

I know that we just have to hang in there until it gets better...


15-02-07, 22:51
Hi nieve,dont feel alone pet.I have been on citalopram for a while.came off them and had to go back on.I was also up to 60mg at one point.Im now on 20mg.When I started back on them I felt exactly like you.It all settled down after about two weeks.It does get better.Stick with it.
My gp started me on 40mg as I was so depressed,but I felt so ill she changed to 20mg.I have been on them again since the summer and I feel much better.

Ellen XX

20-02-07, 10:15

I hope this is some positive news for you ..... I've been on gradually increasing dosages of Citalopram for over 18 months now and, finally, I feel, well, 'cured'! At last!! I've had the whole gammut of nasty side effects since day one but about New Year's Day i found they were becoming less and less and I was feeling better and better.

I really do now feel like my old self, no shaking, no nausea, no twitching, no sweating, no more constantly anxious, no longer really jumpy, I'm much less self-conscious, my appetite is back, I'm not permanently tired ............ I feel both physically and mentally well. It's taken some time but I feel I've finally got to where I was before this 'episode' and I'd advise you to persevere if you can, persevere.