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02-11-15, 23:25
Okay, So I've been on Sertraline 75mg for about 3.5 months. It's really not doing much for me, so my plan is to switch to Prozac. My Dr. gave me a prescription for Prozac as well as Buspirone. I'm supposed to take half sertraline/half Prozac and 7.5mg of Buspirone three times a day.

After experiencing the horrendous start-up side effects from Sertraline, I'm gonna hold off on starting the Prozac and give Buspirone a try. However, I'm cutting my 7.5mg dose into quarters and I will be taking that 3X per day just to see how it affects me. So I guess that will make it roughly 1.88mg lol. I'm just really paranoid about the dizziness some experience starting, and I would like to avoid that if at all possible.

It really helps me to keep a journal so that is what I am doing here.

Any advice/feedback/reassurance or whatnot is appreciated.

04-11-15, 05:17
Well, today I'm taking three half tablets, so my total for today will be half of the recommended daily dose. All I've really felt is some grogginess, which I was expecting. No dizziness, which is nice, for sure. I think tomorrow, I'll increase a little more.

04-11-15, 07:09
Thats a new switching routine!

This is what ours are supposed to do overhere:


Our GP's can be a bit all over the place with these meds based on their limited experience so various strategies seemed to get used as opposed to what they are told to do.

Buspirone seems to be one that you may need to be on for a few weeks to feel the benefit so I guess you will have to play it by ear. I agree with you about getting that in place first so that it helps you with the switch but you know what doctors are like, they've never felt all the side effects so can be a bit casual about prescribing.

04-11-15, 20:04
Thanks, MyNameIsTerry! That's much better advice than my Dr. gave me. My gut told me it should be a more gradual transition than just five days between antidepressants.

Today I'm going to take 3/4 of a tablet three times a day and see how it goes. I'm feeling a bit anxious this morning, not sure if it's the meds or just normal anxiety. It's a bit hard to tell at this point.

05-11-15, 05:52
The advice our doctors have is that the transition between short half life drugs of the same class should be easier but you know what it's like and how we are all different so there really never is one solution to that problem. There are some ones that require washout periods due to long half lives (e.g. going from Fluoxetine/Prozac to a short half life drug) and I think the older meds too but going from SSRI to SSRI (except Prozac) can be done without washout as they use the circulating old SSRI to bump up the lower dose you start on of the new one.

They are the same drug class so you may get lucky. I could see Prozac taking a bit longer to kick in with it being a longer half life drug though. Regardless, I think your strategy with the Buspirone is a good one.

I don't think Buspirone has anxiety as a side effect although it may have some of the symptoms? Perhaps worth checking on that. Otherwise it could just be the usual worries we have about med changes.

05-11-15, 08:32
Yes, I think it's probably just anxiety from starting a different med. Worrrying about possible side effects, worrying that it won't work etc...

Thanks for the input, MyNameIsTerry, I really appreciate it.

06-11-15, 07:30
Well, I've been taking 3/4 of a dose today (Day 3), so I guess that's around 5.6mg three times today. I think I'll stay here for at least another day before I go up to the full 7.5mg dose.

I started off with a bad, very anxious morning. I had to take a Xanax because I was feeling so bad. The rest of the day was fine. I have noticed that I've been waking a bit sweaty in the mornings. Nothing like when I started Sertraline, but it's definitely noticeable. Maybe it's the buspar???

I have read that nervousness and excitement are possible side effects, so maybe it's causing a slight increase in my overall anxiety level.

07-11-15, 06:47
Well, I had a bit of a rough start this morning, but the rest of the day was okay. I took 3/4 again for day 4. I may up it to the full 7.5 dose tomorrow.

I really don't notice any side effects that I can be 100% are from the buspar. I'm a little sweaty in the mornings, and I've had some extra weird vivid dreams, but that's about it. I'm generally anxious, but that is really nothing new. No nausea or dizziness like I've heard others describe in reviews across the internet.

I really hope this med does SOMETHING for me. I know a lot of people claim it does NOTHING for them, so I'll just have to wait and see.

08-11-15, 09:03
Day 5. Well today was a pretty decent day. I've definitely been sweatier/more hot flashy which I'm going to guess is due to the buspirone. The extra vivid dreams are there every morning, too. I think tomorrow I will take the full 7.5mg dose that I was prescribed.

09-11-15, 10:09
Day 6. Taking the full 7.5mg three times a day now. I was very anxious this morning, but that's really nothing new. I think I'm just in for the long wait now to see if this does anything at all benefitial for me. My pharmacist said it would take one to two weeks to see results, but I've read online than it is more like three to four. Whatever. If my days seem pretty much the same, I'll probably not post since I feel like I'm rambling on and on sometimes.

12-11-15, 08:40
Day 8 now. I'm not noticing much of a benefit from the buspar yet, but it's still early days. And I've only been taking the full dose for a few days.

My doctor gave me a prescription for beta blockers to take in place of Xanax, so I'll see how that goes tomorrow. I'm excited to find a possible replacement for Xanax. I take it about .5mg 3 to 4 times per week now, and I'm tired of being reliant on it.

13-11-15, 06:27
Day 9. Day 4 on full dose. Took 30mg beta blockers for morning anxiety and it did help a lot.

15-11-15, 07:11
Day 6 on full dose. Today was decent. I was a little anxious at points but only needed 10mg beta blockers early on. Let's see if it lasts.

16-11-15, 06:37
Day 7 full dose. Was feeling pretty good early on. Went to the mall and felt a bit overwhelmed by all the crowds. Had a small panic episode in a crowded store. Even though it only lasted a couple seconds, it still kind of threw me. Took 20mg beta blockers this evening. Just feeling kind of down tonight. Although it is most likely due to pms and argument with bofriend. I just want to have one fully good day. It's been so long since I've been able to feel truly carefree.

19-11-15, 00:08
Not sure what to say about buspar, to be honest. I've given in and started Prozac (have posted in that thread also if anyone is interested). I'm taking roughly 37.5mg sert and 5mg Prozac right now. So far not too bad. Still taking 7.5mg buspar 3X per day. Beta blockers help some, although I've taken a couple Xanax also. I am a walking pharmacy now. I'll have to se how it goes.

23-11-15, 08:41
Well, today marks two weeks on full dose. I've had a couple decent days recently. I'm not sure if it's the buspar or my general attitude. I'm on 10mg Prozac now and 25mg Sert. So far no ill side effects. Fingers crossed this all continues smoothly.

26-11-15, 01:36
No changes in dosages. I've been feeling a little better overall lately. Still anxious at times, but it's better. I'm still a little sweaty in the mornings and get occasional hot flash-type symptoms throughout the day. My plan is to up my dose of Fluox on Friday to 15mg and see how that goes.

28-11-15, 20:38
I've increased the Fluox last night.

I feel like the Buspar must be doing something, because my anxiety has been less than it was before I started it.

01-12-15, 21:18
I've completed week 3 on Buspar full dose. It must be helping somewhat, because I think it's too early to be feeling the effects of Fluox, and I've definitely been noticing that I am less anxious in general. I still have anxious episodes to be sure, but I haven't taken Xanax in over a week, and I'm not having the insane morning anxiety that I was having.

04-12-15, 11:39
I just started buspar...not sure if it's working or not. I seem to have flashes of calm which is better than nothing.

04-12-15, 21:23
Hi Urusainaa,

Glad you are having some calm moments...I think that is a good sign. What dose are you taking?

Yesterday was a solid good day for me. Anxious at times, but definitely more manageable.

05-12-15, 21:53
Yesterday was another good day. Upped dose of Fluox to 20mg. I'm really surprised that I'm feeling so good (big knock on wood). Is it the buspar? Is it the Fluox? A combo? A placebo effect? No idea! Time will tell.

Kitty Cat
08-12-15, 20:17
I have been prescribed this at a low dose of 0.5mg to help with anxiety. After reading about the side effects I'm not all that keen to take it. does anyone have any experience of this drug and its side effects at a low dose?

08-12-15, 20:26
Kitty Cat- sorry, but I don't have experience with that particular med. If you're afraid of side effects, you can always cut it in half or even quarters to start just to see how that affects you.

Had an anxious day yesterday, but today I'm oddly cheerful. I think upping my dose of the Fluox has made me paranoid of side effects, but I still feel all right. I'm gonna assume the buspar is what's helping.

08-12-15, 22:35
I've been on buspirone for six months now . I take 45 mg, which is the UK's maximum dose.

It definitely helps me. I used to have terrible panic attacks , but have only had two since starting the buspirone. It doesn't take away my gad , but it does make things more managable.

It's not an instant fix, but it helps me .

10-12-15, 05:19
Hi, all,

Just wanted to say thanks for sharing your experiences so far with buspirone. I have decided to ask my doctor about augmenting my Effexor with it once I bump up to 150mg next week. This is the dose where norepinephrine (adrenaline) comes into play, and having something calming on board will be welcome.

It's odd, because with Seasonal Affective Disorder (I have winter depression), I find the anxiety comes from the dark closing in, while at the same time, the depression keeps me indoors and fighting sleep all the time. I need the motivating effects of the higher ven doses, but I defo do not need any more increasing anxiety! I hope that buspirone will help alleviate what I already have ... Maybe I will try starting it first, slowly, before going up in the ven. Get it established first :)

I wanted to share with you this bit from a doctor who augments SSRIs often for his patients, and buspirone is one he uses for this. People's complaints of its not working may be an individual thing, but it may be that they simply aren't taking enough, or, they may possibly benefit from taking another drug alongside. And p.s., I also find that trazodone (another "placebo" drug for many), actually helps me to relax for sleep. Steady as she goes!
Marie xx

From: http://pro.psychcentral.com/john-oreardon-on-antidepressant-augmentation/001831.html#
"TCR: You also mentioned buspirone, which seems to have the reputation of being a high-priced placebo among many clinicians these days.

Dr. O’Reardon: That’s true. buspirone is certainly under-utilized and under-respected. It is not a great anxiolytic agent by itself, but when added to antidepressants in treatment-resistant depression, particularly if there is prominent anxiety, you can actually get a very nice augmentation effect and there are several studies of buspirone suggesting efficacy, (also one or two negative ones), but it looks like if you go to the 30-60 mg range, you can get very nice augmentation results and sometimes an added benefit of reduction of sexual dysfunction.

TCR: Do you always dose it BID?

Dr. O’Reardon: Yes, usually BID. Start at 10 mg BID, give that a couple of weeks, then go to 20 or 30 mg BID and occasionally higher.

10-12-15, 07:41
Hi SADnomore and Carolin. Thanks for your input...I've been feeling a bit lonely on here.

SADnomore--I agree with you on getting buspar established before another SSRI. That's basically what I did, and I do think it's helping. I've just hit my one month mark on Buspar today. Tonightn is day sixth dose of fluox I've had some anxiety flare ups, but nothing too bad. I went into a bunch of shops today with minimal anxiety, and managed to make myself a nice dinner, which I haven't taken the time to do for ages.

I have a light box, too which helps a lot with SAD. This is my first year using it, and I really like it.

10-12-15, 11:09
I hope you get some benefit from the buspirone Sadnomore.

Like everything, it doesn't work for everyone, but for me, it has helped a lot. Also a big plus for me was no start up side effects.

In the UK it is only licensed for short term use. I have no idea why this is. However, my psychiatrist is happy for me to take it long term. I take it as an augmentation with an anti depressant, and I think this is when it works at its best.

Good luck with your GP !

10-12-15, 12:09
Hi Urusainaa,

Glad you are having some calm moments...I think that is a good sign. What dose are you taking?

Yesterday was a solid good day for me. Anxious at times, but definitely more manageable.

I feel much better now. I'm on 15mg a day. I feel almost normal at times.

Yesterday though a car almost crashed into mine (joy riders) and I just kinda thought 'hmmph'...then it hit me, maybe buspar is really dulling my worry and panic. That's fine, but what happens when I come off it!?!

10-12-15, 22:03
Urusainaa, why will you want to come off it? Just wondering ... It seems pretty innocuous. I just always kind of wonder why folks want to come off of meds when they are working, and it seems as though the reasons for taking may be legit and ongoing. It is an individual decision, of course! Me, I am resigned to taking meds because SAD simply isn't going to go away. Not unless I move somewhere where the daylight is a constant year round, like the tropics! Meanwhile, thanks Genoire, yes, I am looking for a light box too, will check again to see if the health food store has brought some in. Even my pharmacist says they really help!

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Urusainaa! Look at you, girl! You're my hero, lol! "Hmmph"! That's so cool! ... Wish me luck, going to defo give it a whirl too! :yahoo:

11-12-15, 03:48
Urusainaa-- that sucks about your car accident. Glad you are okay and that you handled it well.

I own a travel trailer and last night during the storm, a tree fell on it and basically crushed the back where the bed is. I actually handled it pretty well myself, and I'm feeling pretty pleased. Today's been a pretty good day all things considered.

11-12-15, 07:22
I feel much better now. I'm on 15mg a day. I feel almost normal at times.

Yesterday though a car almost crashed into mine (joy riders) and I just kinda thought 'hmmph'...then it hit me, maybe buspar is really dulling my worry and panic. That's fine, but what happens when I come off it!?!

Thats great news! Thats a fair test as well.

No meds resolve anxiety, they give you breathing space and to recover you work on your issues so that when you do come off you have the ability to tackle your triggers on your own.

Marie - Buspirone is only licenced short term in the UK as it lacks evidence for long term use so a GP will switch to the typical routes i.e. SSRI's. Otherwise you need someone willing to stick their neck out and "off label" it like Carolin has with accessing a specialist. Do you get increases in anxiety from the norepinephrine element as some people seem not to have it?

15-12-15, 20:50
The last couple of days, I've been dealing with some more anxiety. Nothing terrible, but just annoying GAD stuff. It might just be circumstances beyond my control in my real life. Most likely.

16-12-15, 03:52
Anxiety. Well, Terry, TBH, I think my most common s/e from the higher ven increases are head-buzzing, dizziness, brief transient nausea, and occasionally, muscle tonus or butterflies in the tummy. I can always separate these physical symptoms from "anxiety" per se, don't ask me how, but I can. I just remind myself that I am titrating upwards, and the way that the serotonin receptors work in response is what causes them. Makes sense, when you remember that most of the serotonin receptors are in the gut. After awhile, they pass. I usually let a month go by between titrations, and that way I get a couple of "good" weeks in before another dose change is needed. Last year I went up to 300 mg, in hopes of finding "happy". "Tense" came along instead. But, this was better than tearful despondency and agorophobia, which are the norm for me in January/February. I don't think "happy" will ever be part of my winter emotional repertoire; if it were, then I wouldn't have Seasonal Affective Disorder. Since being on my anti-depressant, improvements include not succumbing to the low-level panic I normally get by October, and, not giving in to the desire to stay in all the time. I still want to run off or else cocoon, but with some work, I am able to get myself out and about. It doesn't always help, sometimes I feel better at home than I do when I am out amongst people, but I suppose it is healthier overall. Staying in gets to be a habit which is hard to break. I really do fear it could easily become agorophobia, you know?

I'm not even sure whether what I experience in between can be called GAD ... I find that I tend to fixate on things happening a certain way, and am like a dog with a bone until they do. Even when I realize what I am doing, and try to stop myself, I feel as though I cannot rest until these needs are met.

Is this GAD? I don't know.

There are certain people who can push my buttons and make me feel anxious by just showing up. One of these bullies me so it is just easier to avoid him. I have tried to work it out several times, but my trust has been broken once too often so I have accepted not going there again.

... Interesting. I just went away to a course and when a colleague and I were chatting about one of our bosses, who often refuses to answer a question or even to make conversation, a new colleague said, oh, that's a power thing. It is designed to make you feel uncomfortable! Wow. See, now, this I can identify as anxiety, that discomfort. This is when I may continue to talk, to try to get some sort of answer out of him. My mind races the whole time, and my stomach knots up. Well, if it's a power trip, then it certainly works against me, but it makes me want to work for him less and less as time goes on!

Hubby and I have a little vacay planned for after the holidays, maybe I will just go back to working for myself after that, lol!

Anyway, I guess that awareness is half the battle when it comes to anxiety: where is this coming from? Is it simply physical manifestations of the medication, my body telling my mind I must be anxious since my muscles are tense? Can I allow myself to walk away and do something else when someone refuses to engage with me, and can I do that after a few attempts and not fret about it?

I like that bit about considering how "circumstances beyond my control" are often the case, Genoire!

18-12-15, 20:19
Well, I've had some good days anxiety-wise. I've been able to do a bunch of shopping in stores with minimal anxiety, whereas a few weeks ago, I would have been super lightheaded/anxious. Now, I'm just dealing with general depression. I'm sure it's partially the weather (it's been raining for nearly three weeks straight), and partially hormones (day 3 of my cycle), but damn...motivation to do anything is low. I will probably try to get some chores done at least today.

19-12-15, 06:03
Yes Marie, I know what you mean about how a sense of agoraphobia can develop. I've had to break this cycle myself as my healthy walking routines turned to obsession and then staying in for 3 months meant worrying about going out again. I don't have it now but it was certainly a problem and starting each of my 2 antidepressants has made me agoraphobic. I don't consider it true agoraphobia, more a further expression of my GAD, I don't think what I went through does justice to real agoraphobics.

GAD's more persistent worry and constant symptoms. Could it be more an obsseive-compulsive type of thing? You know how my med has affected me in that it greatly amplified some existing personality traits so could it do the same for you? Mine was very bad, completely controlling my life and I'm not suggesting the same but I only had this when I hit the epinephrine threshold of this med and I wondered if you felt similiar and it sounds like you do. I wonder whether some of us are just not suited to epinephrine stimulating meds which is no issue for me but a shame for you as the Ven seems to help greatly. Maybe it will settle down in time?

When I was looking into the threshold issue, these SNRI's seemed to almost max out on Serotonin at the point they start to work with epinephrine.

Bullies aren't worth any time or effort, Marie. I'm glad you don't waste your time on this person. With bullies they will soon change with you if you prove you are not an easy target and then they will look for someone else and can even become a bit subserviant to you (they are basically cowards so will easily follow someone more "alpha" than they are).

Yes, it could be a power trip thing with your boss. It could also just be plain old fashioned arrogance. Some people get a leg up and see themselves as "superior" because of it. It can be an early mistake of a new manager as it will just cost you all support, like he has lost from you. Some people just get carried away with it all and lick up to their boss and not concentrate their energies on the more important resource - their staff!

I've been a manager myself in a demanding environment working with managers of all levels. I could do it fine but there were a couple of people who always seemed to get to me. It was like they stripped my armour off despite the fact I could take their boss on no problem.

It must be difficult to adjust to working for someone else when you have been your own boss. I think I would prefer to be my own, I'm sick of big corporate and all the red tape thesedays.

19-12-15, 21:54
Hello, Genoire, Urusainaa, Carolin, Terry, et al!

How is everyone doing today? Congratulations Genoire on the successful shopping! I am just doing gift cards this year, purchasing over the weekend and express posting on Monday. Still, I am dreading that much! In my case though, I think it may be just plain old impatience, lol!

Thanks for the heads up Carolin, I hadn't even thought about restrictions on how long a certain drug is approved for taking, nor any differences from country to country ... :blush: And too, doctors can differ in their prescribing practices, especially from one patient to the next. Not to mention a person's personal preference in dealing with their symptoms. My apologies, Urusainaa!

(It has occurred to me that it is none of my business to even ask folks why they would choose to come off a drug that is helping, don't worry, all! I just see cases where the posters doctor seems to encourage them to come off meds and I read how they end up relapsing and having such a hard time until reinstating them. Sometimes over and over again, and I could see that being me, if it hadn't been clear to me this wasn't going away.)

Yes, the dog-with-a-bone thing may be a personality defect (?) Terry. Believe me, I don't like it myself. It's just I thought it sort of smacks of anxiety. I tend to fret until it's resolved, but it is never about health matters. Things like having promises made good on, or deadlines/rules etc. confirmed and/or completed. Or having things in place that may be needed later on. The bully calls me a control freak. Maybe I am, but only part of the time (???) IF this is GAD, then it is definitely something that I hope can be helped with the medications.

I was struggling with a downturn in mood again and then got passed over at work for the second position available for the 3 of us who took the training. In addition, there hasn't been a launch of the services that I can do, at our location, so I am out of a job. On the one hand, I am very disappointed. On the other hand, I am glad to not be in the same workplace as the aforementioned boss. I have never been very good with office politics. I do better with independent work, when I both enjoy what I am doing and am given great feedback from clients. Back to considering self-employment ...

So, wanting to alleviate the depression, I have forged ahead with the increase to 150 of ven. I am still hopeful it will keep getting me through the worst of the winter, and at a lower dose than last year. I doubled the trazodone to 100mg at night, and found I felt much better next day, cheerful, even! Could be a coincidence, but time will tell! I am hoping that the "threshold" dose of 150 will be just enough to alleviate the depression, along with 50-100 trazodone. Added bonus of better sleep. I would like to try the buspirone, but I know I will need to give these at least a month. My doc gets fidgety about more than two meds on the go at once, so I will have to convince him I have assimilated these two first.

Oh, and I found a SAD lamp when I was away!! It is a gooseneck style for beside the bed, with the built-in clock, and mimics sunrise and sunset. A bit complex to set up, wish me luck, lol! SOOOO tired here, especially when it is dark outside (as in, prior to 10 am and after 3:30-4pm) UGH! I fall asleep in my chair after dinner each night, just like an 80-year-old :mad: Sometimes in the afternoon, too, argh!

Good luck to you with the depression now, Genoire. Hope the light works some more magic for you soon! Urusainaa, how is it going, honey? Have the flashes of calm gotten any longer? (Hope, hope!)
Marie xx

20-12-15, 01:26
Buspar is the "Chill Pill" I was prescibed for "scanxiety". My GP said I can start and stop without ill effects. I've used it a few times and have had positive results.

I noticed a pattern concerning my "scanxiety". A few weeks prior to my appointments and the "scope, poke and prod", I find myself edgy and irritable which is understandable considering what's at stake. The times I started the Buspar (7.5mg 1x a day for a week, then 2x a day), I found it really took the edge off. Stopping cold turkey after the all clear has not been an issue and I've not experienced any side effects.

I'm just glad it works and will not hesitate to use it if needed.

Positive thoughts

20-12-15, 04:38
Thanks, FMP,

I wonder whether if I started the Buspar like that, then I could then just use it for "bad days"? You know, this is how Trazodone was recommended to be taken, to me. Take it every day for a couple of weeks, and then feel free to stop taking it, and because it had "been established", I could just take it occasionally and be able to rely on its working and not feel the need to take it next day etc.

Sure enough, that is exactly how it has worked. Which is pretty cool. If it is the same with buspirone, then I guess it can't hurt to try it? I don't get irritable, really. I'm not upset or angry, just increasingly focused on a matter, and really persistent about it. If I can take care of the whole thing myself then I do, but when I need someone else's permission/assistance, then I can't seem to stop myself from taking them "hostage" practically, to do that on my behalf. ASAP. Which can be irritating for them after awhile I'm sure. I am aware the whole time that it may be to the point of nagging, but I can't seem to stop. Ugh. The joys of OCD ... :wacko:

20-12-15, 19:25
Hi everyone!

SADnomore--Sorry to hear about your office drama. I say go for self-employment if you can, lol.

I'm glad you got a nice light. I bet it will help you a lot! I don't think I could stand the super short days that you are having, honestly. We had our first sunny day here yesterday, and it cheered me up so much...I went for jog! Right now, I'm sitting in front of my light box starting my day, but feeling super lazy. I'm so excited about the solstice on Tuesday!

I had to laugh about you falling asleep in your chair. The cold/wet/dark really makes me feel like it's time to hibernate, too.

Well, I'm doing pretty okay. Some flare ups of anxiety, but I've been handling them pretty well. My depression is on and off, but gets better if I can work through it and be productive. I've been on buspar for something like 6 weeks now, I think, and tonight is dose 17 of Prozac.

Hugs to all! Take care everyone! :)

20-12-15, 20:09
Yay! So glad to hear you're doing okay, Genoire! Yes, it is brutal here for daylight so far up North, especially right now. And too cold to get outside much. A double whammy. Thank you for the heads-up about the solstice! Slowly but surely the dark will retreat...

DO get out in the fresh air when possible, it does help against depression. I hope the Prozac helps too, like the Buspar has with the anxiety. I am excited to try it. And the lamp!

I think you raise a good point, we do need to try to meet these meds half-way, by at least trying to distract ourselves and to keep busy. Eat healthy, get plenty of rest. Just a bit of gift card shopping to do today, then the post office and groceries, then my time is my own for the rest of the holidays!

All the best to you and to everyone as we keep on keeping on! :bighug1:

21-12-15, 19:15
Hi SADnomore and everyone,

I had a pretty good day yesterday morning/afternoon, but a bit of an anxiety blip in the evening. Today I feel so-so, but going to try and get some stuff done.

Luckily my family is keeping Christmas simple this year. We're just getting each other small, inexpensive gifts for our stockings. That plan has definitely relieved a lot of stress about the shopping and the money, which is very nice. All my shopping is done, so now I can just take it easy.

Tomorrow is the solstice! I'm really excited, actually.

I hope everyone continues to do well!

27-12-15, 07:16
Hi all!

I had a little anxiety/panic blip on XMas day, but it was not terrible. Today I managed to jog outside, as it was the first sunny day we've had in a long while!

I have an appointment to check in with my Dr. on Monday.

I hope everyone is doing well! :)

27-12-15, 12:46
That sounds positive Genoire .

Christmas would test anyone with anxiety, so I think it was just a blip like you say. You have the motivation to go for a jog which is another good sign.

Hope the Dr appointment goes well .

27-12-15, 18:25
Thanks Carolin!

I hate blips.

Hope everyone is doing well!

28-12-15, 07:36
Glad to hear you did well on Christmas Day Genoire! Big congrats on the jog, especially! ... I struggled with depression Christmas Eve, but the next day I had to help out in the kitchen, and after deliberately putting on a happy face, I immersed myself in it. That, and the plethora of good shows on TV because of the big audiences, had me quite distracted. In a good way! ... This distraction stuff works for depression as well, it really does! I may have to really work hard to get into it, but once I do, it is amazing!

Looking forward to New Year's and another nice day at home with lots to do! Hope everyone is planning a little something, even if it's only popcorn after a regular dinner and a tv movie. Or, a nice cuppa with a book - Oh, and I am going to see tomorrow as the start of spring, what with the increased daylight for solstice, lol! Cheers everyone!

28-12-15, 19:37
Hi SADnomore! I'm so glad you had a good Christmas! Yes distraction is wonderful and really, really helps! I hope your New Years is fun! I usually watch the ball drop on TV and bang pots and pans, lol (family tradition).

I have a Dr. appointment today to check in with all my meds and get my prescriptions refilled. I'm a bit nervous...I hate Dr. appointments. Oh well.

29-12-15, 00:10
How did you make out Genoire? Hope all is well there so you can relax and make some New Year's plans! How about everyone else? Will it be eggnog or hot chocolate?!

29-12-15, 07:55
Hi SADnomore and all! My appointment went well. I was nervous, but I handled it just fine in the end. She gave me the option of going up on either Prozac or Buspar. She gave me some dose limits, but said I could experiment a bit within that range. I think I'll keep everything the same until I hit my 6 week mark on Prozac, then see how I feel and adjust if necessary.

30-12-15, 05:39
Sounds sensible! If you decide to raise the Buspar, I would love to hear how it goes for you. Whether it is as straightforward as it sounds. (Personally, with most drugs I do go through several start up side effects. Main thing for me to remember is that they will pass in time.) I would like to think that Buspar is different. With Trazodone I just had some dizziness, like the positional kind, that was it, and it has passed now. I'm going to see the doctor asap for buspirone too.

Keep posting!
Marie xx

30-12-15, 08:28
Hi SADnomore!

My doctor said that I'm currently on the lowest Buspar dose at 7.5 three times a day. I can't say I had any really bad side effects. Maybe some increased sweating and vivid dreams, but that's pretty much it. I'm glad you will be trying it soon! I hope it helps :).

I'm very excited about the New Year and I feel like Spring is just around the corner (haha, since it just became Winter, lol). How are you managing with your SAD? Do you have good days and bad days?

I wish you well :)!

30-12-15, 11:57

I have horrible side effects from most meds, but I was able to reach maximum dose Buspirone with no problem. I was already on a SSRI, so maybe that helped, but it really is the only med I have had no reaction to.

Hope it helps you xx

31-12-15, 23:30
Thanks ladies! I am getting in to see him right after the weekend! xx

08-01-16, 00:28
Just an update...a week ago I increased my buspar from 7.5mg 3X per day to 11.25mg 3X per day. So far, I'm not really feeling much of a difference. I had a small panic episode a couple days ago, and my anxiety has gone up. I think that has more to do with Fluoxetine, however. I'm posting a lot more in that forum at the moment. Tomorrow will be the start of week 6 on 20mg Fluox. Hoping to really turn a corner soon.

08-01-16, 17:01
Hi Genoire

I think the dose you are on now may start to benefit you. I take more, but I started to see real progress once I reached 30 mg.

If nothing else, it will probably be helping with the start up and increase of the fluoxetine . xx

08-01-16, 19:42
Thank you, Carolin :D!

What dose of the buspirone are you taking? I'm just curious what works well for others.

09-01-16, 14:07
I'm on 45 mg ,which is the highest recommended dose in the UK. I split it into 3 doses, taking 20 first thing, 10 midday, and 15 in the evening.

I know it has some effect, because when I forget a dose, my anxiety increases, before I even realise I forgot a tablet. xx

09-01-16, 23:56
Thanks Carolin! I'm glad the buspar is helping you, that's very reassuring.

28-01-16, 20:32
I honestly don't know what to think about buspar. I'm still taking 1 and 1/2 of the 7.5mg tabs 3X per day. I could increase I suppose, but I'm kind of just waiting on Fluoxetine to see if that works more, as it would be nice to cut out the buspar all together. It's not a bad drug, but taking any pill 3X a day gets to be a bit of a chore.

Because I'm taking both buspar and fluox at once, it's hard to say whether the buspar is doing anything for me at all. I may just increase to 2 full tablets just for the hell of it, and see how that goes. My doctor literally told me I could "play around" with the dose, so I guess that's what I might do.

I can't remember if I posted this before and I'm too lazy to check...but I'm posting a lot on the Fluox forum. I personally hate it when threads of people's recover just die out, so I'm just throwing that info out there incase anyone in the future comes across this thread and reads it.

02-02-16, 19:28
Just an update...I've increased my buspar to two 7.5mg tablets (15mg total) three times per day. So we'll see how that goes. :yesyes:

04-02-16, 00:57
Well, today was better than yesterday. No idea if the buspar increase has done a darn thing, but I'm thankful for the good day.

04-02-16, 16:33
Genoire, that is good news .

As you say, enjoy feeling good, and be positive this will continue. I hope tomorrow is equally good to you xx

04-02-16, 19:50
Thank you, Carolin! :D

Feeling a bit down today, but I think I just need to get out of the house. I've been cooped up in here for a couple days, and I think I need a change of scenery.

29-11-16, 00:50
Did you stay on the Buspar?How did it work for you?

10-04-17, 16:13

I know this is an old thread, but how did it go with the Buspar?