View Full Version : Nerves in left arm and leg mainly acting up?

Brother Panic
12-11-15, 18:44
I assume nobody will even reply, but is anyone having weird nerve sensations, weakness on left arm (entire arm) or sometimes left leg (sciatica)?

I hope it is just a pinched nerve and that my nervous system isn't slowly shutting down, developing MS, or something like this.

Most people with nerve issues complain about tingling, but I don't really get tingling. My nerves just feel strange, like a weak,worn out feeling.

Can anyone relate?

30-11-15, 11:22
I am having very similar symptoms and I am so scared it's MS. Mine is actual pain, sometimes it feels like its in my actual bones.

I've seen a lot of people on here talk about anxiety causing aches etc but not many talk about actual pain - do you get pain?